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    What to charge

    £40/hr, call it £50 + VAT
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    Sanderson plantman 2 1988

    I have a Plantman 2 264 1989. Truckmasters at Skegness told me to fill up the spout on the side with ATF until its full, there is no sight glass or dipstick. I only knew it was low because it was sluggish pulling away.
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    Potato bin hire

    Can anyone tell me what the going rate is for hiring potato bins? Approx 60 for 6 weeks for pumpkins.
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    Port Agric Topper Parts

    Ernest Doe Power at Ringmer will help you. 01273 812707 Some of the parts are being made locally in Hailsham I think
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    Chaviot 902

    Still available, half an hour South of the Dartford crossing. Happy to split, just think its too useful too scrap.
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    Today at work

    Quick walk over to take the first ones off
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    Today at work

    Re-ridging asparagus beds
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Asparagus is very deep rooted. Yes, in fact is a job for this week to get a RoundUp on. Fern has been already removed. Hand weeding isn't really practical on a large acreage
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    All the cultivations and bed making/ridging are mechanised, the harvesting is done by hand. Hand weeding in the first year or two if they've got out of hand, ground preparation pre-planting is key!
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    11.2 10 x 28 rear tyre(s)

    As above, am looking for one or two part worn, but usable, tyres for my MF 135. Many thanks, Stephen 07881 550751
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Inter-row cultivating asparagus beds with the MF135
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    No, not yet!
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    We are looking for any quantity of pumpkins - size, shape, colour not important. Or contacts of growers who may be able to help. Many thanks,
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    People trailer.

    If you're in Ross, try Cobrey Farms, they have a couple for moving staff around on.