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    Potato cultivations

    Herefordshire…pretty heavy in places, sumo 8”, plough11”, back through again with sumo and again if needed at about 12”, ridge it up and then get the bedtiller in to smack it about, destone to about 10/11” and finally pop them in, most varieties go in at about 9” deep, jobs a good’un 👍👍
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    Kuhn depth wheel

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    Kuhn depth wheel

    After a replacement tyre for the depth wheel on a kuhn plough, it was a trelleborg but they seam hard to find!
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    Stolen pups

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    Which sprayers nozzles?

    What’s everybody running for blight spraying 200ltr, currently on guardian air twins 05, just wondering if there’s anything better out there..?
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    Amazone UF 1801 w/ FT 1001

    Is this still available?
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    12V Fuel Transfer Pump Use discount code and it’s cheap as chips
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    Flotation trailer tyres
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    Ratchet straps
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    Root chopper bucket recommendations

    We have one of these, brilliant piece of equipment 👍
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    Peculiar potatoes

    We’ve had something similar a few years back and it turned out to be pass over of some chemical from previous crops but it didn’t seam to effect the tubers only the leaves
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    Greenstar at 17kph

    Stick them all on 90 and see how you get on.
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    john deere command pro

    Keep your foot resting on the brake pedal, but if you’ve got a command pro stick it dosent work as cuts the transmission out!
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    Welding gloves
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    Which Triple bedtiller?

    Grimme, you can get a little more depth as the rotor is bigger, and I think they have 3 year warranty, only downside is the weight of it!