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    NZ Heading Dog

    If you know, you know 🙄
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    NZ Heading Dog

    Make sure its wearing one of those collars with a chain attached all the wannabe shepherdess or collie cuddlers as we call them have them now
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    NZ Heading Dog

    Yep, you can take a selfie with it if you can't find a huntaway, cred see, but from a work view, no
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    Post dipping thrive

    i don't make the rules just saying,i tell people,if you buy out of a market assume they have scab until your sure they haven;t
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    Post dipping thrive

    not in england
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    Romney Sheep Sale at Ashford Friday

    i know,i had 100 ewes,was going to come and speak but you were always busy,some very good sheep there
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    indespension livestock trailers

    you put it better than me,i was just thinking does that mean it will be sh++ged before i get it 😂
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    Shearwell Turbo Tagger

    used one all this season,very good,got a few roxan ones about the place if you can find them where i launched them you can have them
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    Finding a new working pup

    training sheep and never do any proper work
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    Dip cover

    never heard of it,who makes it?
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    Young dog not gathering whole group.

    don't call him back,stop him walk to him and re-send him round the stragglers,you don't say how old he is but don't make a big fuss about it as soon as he goes wrong lay him down walk to him and just quietly send him again they just sometimes get over excited and are happy to bring any back,if...
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    jack russell pups

    as above 2 male pups 7 weeks old,advertising for a friend,brown/white short legged,docked microchipped wormed etc,proper working strain,smart pups,call 07872606069 Guy for more info,newmarket area
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    Best value canopy

    speak to gamic,they will make any combination of doors etc and good value
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    Stubble Turnips - Grazing Rates (£)

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    Indoor lambing set up costs

    yep that would work as well......or gloves