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    Recommend me a Printer / Scanner

    Hello, It's time to get a printer and scanner, what would you recommend? It's going to be with me for a few years, hopefully, of printing in B/W, and scanning paperwork up to A4 in size. Thanks everyone! :)
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    Ford 6810 III fuel issues

    No, it’s since been sold! 🙄😂
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    Something to preserve tinwork…

    Hello, I’ve got a little tractor with a original Q cab on it. It’s in good condition although there are little patches of rust coming through, it’s original, and I would like to preserve it, not letting it get worse, but also not restoring it. I’d like to paint, spray, rub, something onto it...
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    One for Dr Wazzock.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the work for it…
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    1490 bruuuuwn

    Any pictures @Will 1594 ?
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    Drilling with tramlines...

    Thanks everyone. So... 1st run around field - Half Width 2nd run around field - Full Width 3rd run around field - Lay Tramlines Then back and forth until the field is done This should work...?
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    Drilling with tramlines...

    All help greatfully accepted... Soon, I will be sowing winter cerials, but for the first time ever I will be laying down Tramlines. Three Meter Box Drill, not on a Power Harrow. I have a 12m Sprayer. Just pondering the best way to go about it... Thanks everyone!
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    Chicken Muck...

    Hello, I've been offered some chicken muck. It wont cost me much, and am keen to take it. I will spread it on some stubble ground and plough it in. Am I doing the right thing? Is there anything to worry about? Roughly, how much to the acre should I be spreading...? Thanks for your help. :)
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    What gets rid of Docks?

    Had a walk around my hay earlier today, mowing Tuesday…? last year there were no docks in it at all, suddenly, this year, loads!! What can I spray to kill them when they start to regrow after a cut of hay? Problem is, I only want to kill the docks, not the clover etc etc…
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    David Brown 995

    Not at the moment, but will keep a lookout...
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    Has anyone used “Bigtyres”? They have some good deals by the looks, even when you add the fitting charge. Has anyone any experience with this company, good or bad? Thanks!
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    Can someone PLEASE give me an accurate forecast.

    I don’t understand why, surely ITV, BBC etc etc all get their information from the Met Office? So why aren’t they all singing off the same sheet?
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    Rare looking machine

    JCB had a go at them years ago, but they never saw the light of day.
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    David Brown 885 back wheels

    ah... leave it with me... i might be able to help...
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    David Brown 885 back wheels

    Um... I think that if they are 32ins rear wheels, as most 885's were, then they are unique to DB's. Stand to be corrected though... Why the change?