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    Isobus cable/ vicon baler

    Mechanic was helping over the phone. I wouldn't expect him to guarantee anything they hadn't come and looked at themselves
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    Isobus cable/ vicon baler

    Bottom right. Pin melted out of Male n female plugs
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    Isobus cable/ vicon baler

    Baler has just melted a small pin out of the isobus plug and socket. Anyone seen this happen on isobus before? Mechanic thinks it could just be a bad connection in the plug but I'm worried it will do something to the new plug when fitted.
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    MF 50 front quick hitch

    Mine is still laying in the nettles if any interest to anyone
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    Kuhn 2160 pickup drive spocket

    Dont thank me until you have it out in case I'm wrong and its different. Is it a non chopper? Looks slightly different from ours. If it's the same it's not a big job. In fact we used to nip pick up off in winter to change tines. Saved a lot of banged heads and nipped fingers.
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    Kuhn 2160 pickup drive spocket

    Looks like our old vicon. If it's in the hinge for the pickup, 2 bolts takes the hinge off at the other side. Take out the ram pins. Drive chain is off already. Trolley jack under and roll it out to the side. Allows access to the circlip and bearings within
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    Ih 784 warning light

    A light came on in the dash after it had a hour on the log splitter. Cant make out the picture. Any ideas what it is
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    New toy day

    Who made that? Never seen a fold up stone grape before.
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    L200 charging problem

    Help required with my 14 plate l200. It ran out of electricity one Day a few days after it came home from gettinga new balancer shaft in the engine. Replaced battery and alternator. Everything seemed fine for a day but only 12v off the back of the alternator. 2nd day back it started fine first...
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    Massey 7618 re map

    No I put most of the problems down to the fact my tractor does a rediculas amount of road work. But really for the hours its done, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Not sure if its luck or judgement. My only advice would be use someone that knows what they are doing. Done...
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    Massey 7618 re map

    Good morning. I was McD in a past life but had to change names due to a password problem. Yes still have the tractor. It's got 11364 hours now. On its 3rd set of tyres and 3rd set of half shafts(its a bit of a mystery why its eatinghalf shafts since 9k hours). Apart from new bearings in a...
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    The Demo Thread

    With the fpt engine and the zf vario, does that make the McCormick a poor mans claas??
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    The Demo Thread

    Had a demo McCormick x7 624 vt drive the last few days. Wasn't sure about it for a start but grown to really like it
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    Farm 360 Excavator

    I would say daewoo are a good farm digger. We have a 130lcv. Nice simple machine. Can pick them up for reasonable money and if you buy at the right money it wont loose much value. Balgownie are good for spares and workshop. Once you get a track machine, you will wonder how you managed without it.
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    Joskin, Hi Spec or Major

    Got an abbey here. Build quality is ok. Wont deal with them again due to the way we were treated by them and the lies they told.