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    Tractor Fuel tank vent?

    Could you manipulate a plastic pipe down the filler pipe and fix to the inside? As long as your filling nozzle goes down the side of it it should work fine.
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    Manitou transmission noise

    That is fubared. End of story.
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    Line one Herefords

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    Would you build a house at the moment

    Make a start, ie dig a foundation, lay in some drainage etc, once the job has started you have activated the permission, you might take a while to finish though......
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    Line one Herefords

    That is a very nice cow. What age is she?
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    Heifer Calves Getting In Calf Earlier

    I know a guy who used to tag Belted Galloways before the hips were out, reckoned it was the only way when calving outside.
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    John Deere 3350A front loader hydraulics problem

    Yes, it looks like a standard jd spool block for tipping trailers etc, you could just T your feed and return into the existing system and leave the original setup assuming that this suits your new setup.
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    John Deere 3350A front loader hydraulics problem

    If I remember correctly the pressure relief valve works at around 100 to 150 psi but that is very approximate. Most aftermarket loaders would not bother with 2 return lines, most would only return to the low pressure circuit. Basically plumb feed from priority valve to closed centre spool...
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    John Deere 3350A front loader hydraulics problem

    I think your 3 pipes are Flexible line is high pressure feed from priority valve Pipe to filter is return pipe to low pressure lube and main hyd pump feed circuit Pipe to top cover is low pressure return (only used when the pressure is too high in the low pressure circuit. Also please remember...
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    Wild camping

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    Wild camping

    Surely they don't need to ask under the Scottish access rules? Although obviously it would be nice to be asked.
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    There is a pin up at the mower end of the drawbar, move it over once the mower is in transport position. There are also safety locks on the lift rams, problem with both of these is the driver has to get out and manually put them in and out. Edit, this is on a John deere 1360, 1365 etc mower, not...
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    Protech valve block

    @Mr Happy ?
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    diary of a comedy sheep farm

    Farming couplets! Very nicely done.
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    I'm not sure as dairy farmers we work as hard as we think

    It's not everybody's reality, but it is a high proportion of stock farmers reality, particularly dairy. Financial pressure both real and perceived seems to be the driver.