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    Is there any future in suckler cows ?

    The reason for carrying on as before I think is laziness, maybe mental, maybe physical, but laziness. Fed up hearing "we have always done it this way, / people will think we are daft/ too much work/ no need" but mostly what is meant is "I cannot be arsed".
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    Jokes - "some may find offensive !!!"

    Well you never know, but as long as we remain ahead of England I wont mind!
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    Wireless trailer lights

    A set here, very very handy. £80 well spent.
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    Ford 3 Cylinder in Sanderson Forklift - Water in Sump

    Every day a school day! Was there an engine oil cooler?
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    Field required for a party

    Could I suggest that you offer references? Would help put minds to rest. (Cant help, Im in Scotland)
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    Is there any future in suckler cows ?

    I'm nearly certain that the french say that the best beef comes from a once calved heifer. A value added opportunity?
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    Ford 3 Cylinder in Sanderson Forklift - Water in Sump

    Before you start throwing time and money at it please check or bypass the engine oil cooler, on fords of that age the oil cooler was an oil pipe through the bottom of the radiator, wouldn't be the first time a short motor was fitted in a hurry that still had water mixing with oil.....
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    what grinds your gears

    So for the unenlightened amongst us (particularly me) what is the difference between a lawyer and a barrister?
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    Is there any future in suckler cows ?

    Grain is too cheap, hence the low production cost of chicken?
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    Trailer floor material

    How thick?
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    Farm machinery pics

    He said a stone grape or graip, scots for fork.
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    Non-starting digger

    It could just be needing a sniff of easy start to help her fire, maybe a wee bit of air in the system yet and maybe the pistons are wet with fuel, coupled with a starter not in the first flush of youth so not quite as quick as it used to be.
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    Big reason is working on ground that would not be as dry as you would like and when turning single axle doesn't cut up the ground.
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    Trailer floor material

    Wondering about that too, cheap boards underneath, same as a cattle float, only thing is the joints between the sheets.
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    Trailer floor material

    I have a tipper with ally planks, just unsure if I want the flat as slippy. Rubber mat not a bad idea though.

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