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    John Deere 3050

    @NYTP is your best bet, is it an Axla or an ARM hitch? And ask a mod eg @chaffcutter to move the thread.
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    John Deere 678 baler issues, net wrap won’t wrap the bale

    Lack of net tension is probably your cause, assuming its the same set-up as a 575 cures include rerouting the net over the baffle in the net compartment, or drilling additional holes in the tensioning arms and shifting to these holes halfway through the roll of net.
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    Today at work

    That depth of concrete is generally used as a substitute for good preparation in this area. Nice to see you posting btw.
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    not so green after all

    Suffering fucķ!
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    Tin shed sizes?

    Traditionally bay sizes are 15 or 20ft, one reason for this could be sheet sizes, eg big six is 40 inch cover.
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    Small 4WD combine

    Local contractor had tracked combines, problem was when they went down a little they got stuck, then it was practically a winch job to get them out. They went back to 4wd.
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    ingenious farmer

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    what grinds your gears

    Really? Every day a school day!
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    Max acceptable wind speed for spreading lime.

    If it's that dry, add some water. A decent spreader will handle it as long as its not slurry.
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    IH Industrial Loader Identification

    Its a 3434b, a relative of the 3400 backhoe loader. The 3434 was its predecessor, with as you say the BD154 engine etc
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    Sloping Floor Gradient

    We put conveyor belting on ours, got very slippy after 2 or 3 days, took them out before a cow broke a leg.
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    IH Industrial Loader Identification

    The shuttle, if fitted, not all had it, is a modified TA. In English that means a double clutch pack so no crunch, but you should clutch.
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    what grinds your gears

    Correct response to that type of person is"no problem, callout charge is £1000".
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    Sloping Floor Gradient

    Ours are 1 in 12 I think, 6'9" long.

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