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    New Year's Eve

    all the very best for 2021 everyone let's hope its a good one for us all best wishers rich
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    Dealing with depression - suicidal thoughts - Join the conversation (including helpline details)

    Been around horse folk all my life. 99.9 % couldn't give a toss about you just so long as there alright sod every body else dont you feel guilty one bit just tell them you know longer able to do it let them find someone else who charges proper prices you can be to daft with them I am leaning...
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    Merry Christmas All

    Merry xmas everyone and a happy and peaceful new year best wishers.
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    Xmas day, just another day?

    Me to two many 🙂
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    3 axle trailer

    Hi all many thanks for your replys very helpfull . This Is the plate on the trailer if anything makes sence ? Regards richard.
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    3 axle trailer

    Yes it does seem a lot of axles for that size trailer dont know wot it's been used for ? Regards rich.
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    3 axle trailer

    Thanks for your time dave .the guy wants £2800 for it it's made in the Netherlands by a company called hapert ? I haven't hered of them dont know about you ? but looked on there website they look pretty good .
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    3 axle trailer

    Thanks dave just as this ones come up have you seen the picture? Regards r
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    3 axle trailer

    Ment to say the body is 13 feet + the drawbar understand wot your saying regarding pushing dave it looks to me it's on 13 inch wheels .
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    3 axle trailer

    Its 13 feet dave been told .
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    3 axle trailer

    Lol I can imagine dave it's just ihave had no dealings with tri axles had loads of 2 and 1 axles but quite like the look of this trailer thanks dave regards rich.
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    3 axle trailer

    Hi all hope everyone is keeping well . Can I have your thoughts please on 3 axle trailers ie ride ect ? Only got chance of a large 3 axle box trailer I think it's on independent suspension beams only using it for carrying goods not livestock many thanks Richard.
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    Why Are All Vacuum Cleaners Shite?

    Second that good tool got same really handy.

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