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    Dealing with depression - suicidal thoughts - Join the conversation (including helpline details)

    I borrowed this from a friend. I saw Doug talk when he was over a couple of years ago. It was a lot to take in but hopefully the book will help too
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    Dingwall Tup Sale.

    That me just home. I’ll get a photo of my purchase tomorrow in day light. I left at 3:15 when Inkstack were being sold. Would be a long day for some
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    Dingwall Tup Sale.

    Tic tac bidding from the concourse, just not the same
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    Welcome to Highland Perthshire!

    One of my shearing mates stayed there for a year or so. He got stuck one night in the snow about Gallin, left the pickup and walked home!!
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    Welcome to Highland Perthshire!

    I’m not sure who does it now. There hasn’t been anyone staying in Lubreoch for about 18 months/2 years.
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    Welcome to Highland Perthshire!

    Day off today to go for a hike. North shore of loch Lyon, to Tigh nam bodach. 5.9 miles each way. Hopefully the link works to tell the full story Was also a bit of a trip down memory lane as that’s where I started my contract shearing career...
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    Royal Highland Show Cancelled

    It was mr Barclay. Maybe not a direct neighbour but same area. Not seen him in here for a while
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    Royal Highland Show Cancelled

    I had a few beers in the members last year with a craibstone class mate of mine who happens to be a neighbour of yours @Chae1. He was dressed in the finest Mearns pink checked shirt, chinos and tweed jacket, and me in my Perthshire teuchter jeans blue checked shirt and shearing hoodie!! 😂😂😂😍
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    Royal Highland Show Cancelled

    Received the same yesterday. With the society claiming a bleak financial year, how much did that cost? Fancy postcards, SAE and paid envelope, donation form and cover letter. No option to pay BACS which is completely daft. Also 3 individual letters came here (mum, dad and myself) instead of one...
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    Bull choice for heifers

    Hamlet sired heifer calf out of a pure lim heifer Needed a wee pull only as she was taking too long for my liking. Probably weighing 36kg
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    Stirling Bull sales

    Pretty poor updates on social media from UA considering it’s buyers only at the sale. Limmy update from their page
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    Steel mobile sheep race

    @neilo nail and head there about scotgov rural administration being overly complicated and severely expensive
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    Stirling Bull sales

    I only saw about the last half hour of the sale, but I agree, didn’t have much go about it. My picks, lot 6, which would of been within budget made 7500gns and my day dream lotto win bull made 24000gns
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    If these findings are true and correct, and then peer reviewed to confirm it could really stir up the hornets nest
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    Right then. It's fodder rape time. :(

    I’ve got about 20 acres of forage crop (sown rate 2.5kg per acre of interval, 0.5kg of whitestar). Can I graze inlamb ewes on it or will it have a negative effect due to iodine deficiency?

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