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    Tined weeder, anyone used one for blackgrass and other weeds?

    It will be, need to get our own one really to keep experimenting, needs drier conditions to kill what is moved around Looking at a horsch Not really at the moment, just need as wide as possible
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    Tined weeder, anyone used one for blackgrass and other weeds?

    Tried it here, worked in WW in the right conditions, tried in spring barley too and was a revelation! Can miss out pre-em and Avadex on SB and use the tined harrow instead
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    Ovlac Ploughs

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience of Ovlac ploughs? Particularly the larger models?
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    Traditional mixed Farming

    You can have a mixed farm, we work with 3 local guys on muck for straw (as well as our own suckler herd), we also grow grass leys for them as an arable break, the leys (and our cover crops) are grazed through the winter by another 2 local guys sheep, we take chicken manure and now trying to get...
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    Are Tilly pass on the right planet?

    local HGV centre
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    Are Tilly pass on the right planet?

    It costs us £100/trailer including any remedial work done, they get tested before harvest in June with the tractor it will be used with (Drawbar height makes a massive difference to braking efficiency and load compensator valves). Same place does any repairs, cost in minimal and they have access...
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    New hilux 2.8 auto

    Done 11,000 in mine since Nov, really good truck, prefer it to the 2.4 I had before
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    Getting paid for straw ?

    Can't understand why you would have a contractors baler on the farm?!? One of the major ways blackgrass is spread round here. We bale most straw with muck for straw agreements, but its our own baler and they collect the bales from the field.
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    Flashing beacons

    Get points round here for not showing amber beacons, had two guys get points for not having beacons on when on the road, reason cited was road safety.
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    Sumo DTS advice

    Fantastic looking crops! Used a DTS here for 8 years now, still important part of our system along with two disc drills
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    Astro Turf

    Any takers for Astro Turf for cow track etc?
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    New combine cost

    Why would you think that? Do we need two combines? No, so there isn't any reason to have two. We are lucky with large fields, 250-300ha cropping blocks that are by and large all accessible with the header on. The grain storage was centralised 20 years ago and has been updated with a new dryer...
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    New combine cost

    We have dropped from 2 combines to 1 across combinable 5000ac, freed up an extra person and lots of capital. More efficient and cost effective to extend the working day and use the dryer than run two machines. We would aim to start cutting by 8am and stop by 10pm, quick blow down and everyone...
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    All grass with straw for muck deals OR all cereals!

    Digestate is fantastic for crops, growing wheat with only 80kg/ha bagged N and the rest digestate, they are 11t/ha crops. We build muck heaps, like a silage clamp, with a 360, compact it down, it makes a compost in relatively few months. We would get loaded at the livestock farm but run...
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    All grass with straw for muck deals OR all cereals!

    Straw for muck deals here, night and day where it has been spread. Improving heavy low lying clay so can now shallow (50mm) cultivate or just direct drill. Improving light Wold so can maintain crop growth in dry seasons. Grass leys back in arable which is sold to muck for straw farmers as...