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    home'n dry.....again

    What is palatability like ammonia is cruel?
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    home'n dry.....again

    I thought feeding urea to cattle you were retaining in your herd ( bulling heifers and bulls sold for breeding) was a no no as urea damages the liver can you confirm this to me. I would be very interested in this product if this was not the case.
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    Today at work

    Was it from Yorkshire saw one like that next to a hedgecutter we were interested in?
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    smart electric meters for business

    I was checking our bill last night and thought it was considerably higher than it should be. We have a smart meter and noticed on the bill it was an estimate so I manually read the bill to send them the correct figure (20 % higher than it should be) only to log in and be told I cannot submit a...
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    Glorious Twelfth

    My sons a keeper in Northumberland last year was a very good year for numbers of grouse this year they have been decimated by the weather. Not a single days shooting this year, all his hard work over the last year for nothing. He now says building stock back up and keeping the conditions on the...
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    Thanks for this never heard or seen this before . I to hope we get a positive update from OP.
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    Soil test

    look at the thread I asked the same question
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    Bomford axle brackets for JD 6190 R

    as above tractor is 40 k therefore no air brakes.
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    Getting sucklers back in calf. Weakening Dam-calf bond

    I think the theory behind it is milk build up in cow with calf not drinking changes hormone balance tricking the cow to bring on heats. As said above lot of work for little gain.
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    The joys of propcorn

    What price is propcorn this year round here its hard to get hold of.
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    Fire extinguishers

    Is there a legal (or insurance) requirement to carry fire extinguishers in tractors when round baling straw for instance. Didn't want to ring up broker might tempt fate!!
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    Trimble ez 250

    Father in law had 2 stolen a week ago don't line a thief's pocket. Buy new if you can get one. He cant replace the ones stolen due to parts shortage.
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    King Thistles

    What are the mutant thistles with heads that look like Portuguese man o war are they a spear ?
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    Round bale hay sweating time.

    We have just baled 11 acres of hay into round bales would have preferred another day on it but forecast is not in our favour so we are leaving it out in the field to sweat how long does the curing period take to heat up and then cool down to be safe enough to put it in the shed.
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    Need a Limousin Bull from North Yorks up to Aberdeen

    not on facebook no but please get me a number I am passing all details to the persons buying my bull as they are sorting transport just trying to help.