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    polished concrete floors These guys did a first class job over UFH with 50mm dry screed with retanol. Its not for polishing though unfortunately. No sign of any movement even after taking a 250kg stove over it on a pallet truck.
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    Please can the farming community sign this petition for my daughter Grace❤️

    Done. Hope you get this sorted to give her the recognition she deserves.
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    EX60-2 track motor

    Brake piston seals likely. Access by removing motor which is not too bad a job. These guys know exactly and will print off the parts diagram. H.M PLANT LTD in Woolston, 22 Kingsland Grange,Warrington ☎ 01925 837338
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    Thermal store or hot water cylinder

    10kw to water, boiler stove here, using a laddomat which heats a 500l DHW cylinder using a coil and then heats a 1000l thermal store for UFH. Would recommend if you have the space as the 500l provides over an hours shower capacity when up to temperature without the boiler lit.
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    Farming Equipment and Technology Fund

    I would ring Gary Milner at Robydome Phone Number: +44(0)1787 310163
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    Dispatches - Red Tractor

    Very true...we are becoming a communist state day by day sadly...
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    60 x 40 ft grain store

    I would consider building it to allow you to tip an artic in really as its difficult to predict what you will be using in the future and the extra height is relatively inexpensive. Timber purlins less likely than steel z purlins to drip on the crop during cold weather too. Choose you plastisol...
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    Classic Tractor Parts

    Emmark at Leeds provided me with a decent engine piston/liner kit
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    The CAV rotary pump models seem more responsive than in line pump on a 6600
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    Tek screws These are for fixing to beams etc and unlikely to shear
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    Merry Christmas All

    Look forwards to 2021 and I wish you all best of health
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    Insulated Panels

    The older generation cold store panels were PUR or EPS hence the choice of used on the market. This has ,in recent years, been superseded by PIR which has a much better fire resistance albeit with a slightly lower strength panel or rockwool which is even lower strength and a lower insulation...
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    Massey 7495 canbus issues

    Also check cab bulkhead connectors - particularly oxidisation on surface of pins
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    Is Plastisol coating worth the extra cost

    The quality of plastisol sheet material is increasingly variable and difficult to determine since its coming from all corners of the globe rather than good old british steel several decades ago. Check the guarantee and its associated terms and conditions to give you an idea of its value! I will...
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    Cutting box profile sheets

    It's a circular saw with a metal cutting blade, makita 4131