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    Milk Price Tracker

    Are the calves fed at erratic times too?
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    Milk Price Tracker

    Any new on what First Milk are doing. Seem to be getting a bit sluggish on price moves
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    Pre inspection/ audit service

    No point in getting stressed about these audits. Just go with the flow, let the auditor pick out what’s not correct and just use it as a to do list
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    Latest Fertiliser News !!

    Virtually nothing available in Scotland??
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    QMS consigned to history?

    About two years ago our QMS was up for renewal, I didn’t bother and they kept sending me crappy letters. I emailed on several occasions to ask them how they could help my business and justify the cost, but as yet I’ve heard nothing from them needless to say I’m no longer QMS assured. I also...
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    QMS - worth the hassle?

    None. It’s voluntary, don’t do it. QMS clearly failing if Scottish beef has lost its premium
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    Fuel price tracker

    heating oil 84.88 ppl, red diesel 94.95ppl south west scotland delivered tomorrow
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    FM Regenerative Farming Plan

    Like most of these schemes it’s just a way of devaluing the actual product be it milk or beef or whatever and tying up a perceived “bonus” on some nonsense. At the end of the day the milk is worth the same regardless of regen or not.
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    Looks alright. Should be decent energy with maize, wheat and soya well up the list. Some decent energy and protein sources too. Ok at £305 in current market
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    So what about the milk that Arla collects on a milk swap from First Milk members who are only on Red Tractor,
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    Milking parlour and loose housing

    I’m pretty sure it was Scottish Galvinisers In Glasgow
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    Milking parlour and loose housing

    No it was dipped in acid then galvanised. Came up like new. Definitely worth doing and at the time didn’t really add much to the cost.
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    Milking parlour and loose housing

    I put a second hand parlour in. Auto Id, milk meters acrs, nothing too complicated parlour was £22k for a 28:28 but I only put in a 22:22 so have lots of spares. It cost at least another £30k to fit and sort out the dairy plus another £15 for a tank and bits of electric work. We re galvanised...
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    Milking parlour and loose housing

    Would 2 secondhand robots be cheaper than a parlour. Less building space/cost needed. Possibly easier to remove/sell on. ??
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    Is teat sealant worth it ?

    Vet has never questioned it but then I buy it from them! Farm Assurance hasn’t ever been a problem. In fact I was complimented on my milk quality results by the auditor