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    Situation Vacant Seasonal Workers

    We require seasonal staff starting from mid July to mid October. Good rates of pay. Accommodation available. All training will be provided. For more information please email or call 01208 881198.
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    Spring cereal seed

    Hi John, We have locally grown Westminster available, alongside other spring barley varieties. We also have Aspen spring oats available. Please give us a call on 01208 881198 for more information.
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    Grain cleaner /dresser

    Hi, we have a Westrup grain cleaner for sale. For more information on this please call us on 01208 881198.
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    Situation Vacant Seasonal Seed Processor - Cornwall

    We are seed merchant and seed processors in North Cornwall. We are looking for seasonal staff to start work at the beginning of August and to work through until mid October. Good rates of pay. Must have a clean driving license and your own vehicle. All training will be provided. Accommodation...

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