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    Tractor Purchase vs Hire

    It has never seemed interesting to me to spend money on irons that are not needed with the sole intention of not paying the treasury. The best investment is to spend on one's own personal tastes, but of course I am Spanish. To pay less taxes, a good option is to work less, but that is philosophy...
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    Tractor Purchase vs Hire

    The Spanish tax system and the UK tax system are exactly the same. After reading this thread I am clear that what is very different is the mentality of a British and a Spanish.
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    Are fendts really that good ??

    The Fendt (Deutz) engine is the same as that used by SDF group tractors, some Zetor models,...many vehicles with greater or lesser appreciation in the market. It is unthinkable that any manufacturer does not apply the best possible configurations to its products if it is installed in any brand...
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    Chemical Price Tracker

    I would like, for comparison, how much does a liter of AXIAL cost in the UK. An approximation is enough Here the Roundup ultimate (48% glyphosate) now costs around €15/litre
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    Help with valuing my JD 6910's and 7530.

    Those tractors in Spain would sell them in an hour. Here the quote, to my understanding, would be num 1: 28,000 euros num 2: 40,000 euros num 2: 35,000 euros
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    New Mccormick Tractors

    Once I was about to buy a Same Laser 160, a low-spec special edition that would avoid looking for a suitable used by spending little more money, in addition to serving me perfectly for what I wanted. A friend, who is an independent mechanic, told me that a good used JD is better for replacement...
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    Tractor hours

    In tractors less than 20 years old, you can know exactly how many hours they have run. In this forum, I do not remember who, someone taught me to check, in my case, the hours of the JD series 10 in a concise way
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    In the cold north of Spain we use 27% NAC, 46% urea is used in the warmer areas south of Madrid. Urea 46 is on the French Terre net website at € 805 / ton
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    Glyphosate shortage

    There may be problems from China, factory closures, logistics ... etc. Without entering into any assessment or criticism, I point out that when I read about the shortage of glyphosate in this forum I was scared, but today in Spain there is all the glyphosate that you want to buy, yes, like...
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    how much higher can rape go ?

    I think that the rapeseed will replace the sunflower in many farms as the beginning of the rotation. Wheat this year with good production and the price has left a good taste in the mouth
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    Optimum to sow rape

    In Spain all the records are being broken in the sowing of rapeseed. There are areas where seed distributors cannot serve their customers. The good price and the rains in due time have triggered this madness. Next spring, Europe will be yellow
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    Choose brand dealer

    I will never buy a new tractor. With current prices and the productions we have in Spain, logic simply says no and no. My next tractors will have already been released by a French or German farmer (British not because of the Brexil issue and the paperwork that that means). Like all over the...
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    how much higher can rape go ?

    In Spain all the records are being broken in rapeseed sowing. There are areas where seed distributors cannot serve their customers. The good price and the rains in due time have launched this madness. Next spring middle Europe will be yellow
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    Choose brand dealer

    I suppose you know that I am a Spanish farmer. Out of curiosity, I would like to know if in United Kingdom you are obliged to buy a tractor at the dealer that belongs to you due to geographical location, or are you free to buy within that same brand at any dealer, even if it is further away...