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    Trimble 750

    Unless they’ve changed something you’ve never been able to download updates from Trimble. “Dealer Only” Have to get update from dealer or 3rd party website.
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    New Defender - Land rover micro site

    It’s just a replacement Discovery to all intent and purpose. They’ve just hijacked the name.
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    Contractor dumps 40ft header

    Brings up the marketplace on fb
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    Air Suspension upgrade for New Holland tractors.

    Can’t comment on newer models but chap used to own one near here had numerous problems with the cab suspension. Worst case the cab basically became detached from the tractor.
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    Robotic Milker Price

    I think a better question would be to ask how many would knowing what they know now do it all again from scratch. My own personal experience would be they don’t live up to the sales hype. They milk cows much better than a poor milking employee but not as well as I used to. Main benefit for...
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    Robotic Milker Price

    By that statement you’re calling everyone else a liar that has robots on this forum!! Or would that be a false and manipulative post you made there? In which case does that make you dishonest and untrustworthy [emoji23][emoji23]
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    Robotic Milker Price

    There is a lot being taken out. Many farmers want to expand herds and finding it too expensive. With a parlour you just milk for an extra hour or two a day as herd expands. Robots = £100k + all the others costs such as housing, etc. Larger herds with several robots can sell them and put in a...
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    Solar on roofs - rough cost/income etc.

    All the above is assuming you have 3ph electric
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    Valtra service codes

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    Valtra service codes

    Do you have auto comfort? On 174 the 2 codes refer to cabin level well if second code is 7050 not 7500. First indicates possible short circuit in right damper. 132 refers to aux valve 4 136 is valve 8? Again codes I have are for the “4” series so may not correspond. Last 3 numbers are...
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    Bye, Bye Britain: The Dutch get ready for a Brexit party

    Not sure what’s changed but all of your links these days show as invalid. What’ve you changed in the last few weeks ?
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    Xero - tips and tricks

    Not seen anything about bank feeds changing and I’m with Lloyds
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    Nothing to do with filters
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    All I see is-
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    It’s been removed now

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