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    Heatwave machine to feed calves

    Thinking about trying a few this year
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    Aircon or Not

    Can’t use it for long gives me a sore head
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    Log in every time

    I’ve started getting the same problem, sooner the app is ready the better. Hate browser
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    Washing sprayer

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    Washing sprayer

    Not an option unfortunately
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    Washing sprayer

    What’s best to wash out tank and lines when putting sprayer away for the winter? Just sprayed Crystal and would like everything cleaned inside before I put it away. Cheers
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    Basic fert spreader

    Can you get a KRM in single hopper, double can be a pain going across my steep hills. Always end up less in 1 side, flat no problem
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    Southern Ireland has emergency approval for use of diquat to desiccate potatoes

    Hope it comes back here, a curse for the small grower having to flail. Not separated as ground is to stoney so smaller drills, which means too many greens
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    Calf’s on Heatwave feeder

    Anyone fed calf’s on one with powdered milk and how do you get on with it. Got it for lambs this year and pleased how they turned out. Only problem I see is how much more they drink as would it be cost effective on beef calf’s, and how do you get them eating enough meal if they’re full all the...
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    What size wheels?

    Yea there for a jd
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    What size wheels?

    Cheers, have been told 36 & 38 so confused. Breaker has a pair of 13.6 38 so don’t want to get wrong ratio
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    What size wheels?

    What wheels match? 13.6 24 on the front of a 2650. 16.9 34 on back at minute but wanting 13.6 on back for spud topper. Cheers
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    Kverneland 160 Turnover ram

    Mike Roach Enniscorthy
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    Kverneland Superfaun potato harvester...

    2nd. Web? Then yes, done ours couple years ago. Have a spare so must do it sometime for spare.
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    Wool...what will you do with yours...

    Got my check for my small flock, unable to pay this years advance so I got a whole fiver. Definitely dumping it next year, bloody sheets are worth more