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    Team digimon applicator

    Sorry forgot to say it's on a team powder applicator on a spud planter
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    Team digimon applicator

    Hi there can anyone tell me what the connection is or called to connect the lead to the digimon box I have 2 wires out of the cable connection end and looks like I need I complete new one to fix it many thanks
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    Making a hole in spring steel

    Many thanks to all for help will let you know how I get on may have to wait to a wet day job
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    Making a hole in spring steel

    Yes it's a drag tine I can't get the right length I need so bought the shortest I could get still need to shorten them and drill two 10mm holes in them any tips and ideas greatly appreciated
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    Making a hole in spring steel

    Fast or slow speed
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    Making a hole in spring steel

    Hi there any tips or ideas on how to drill a 10mm hole in a spring steel tine which is 10mm thick
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    Baler additive setup

    I fitted mine in front of the rotor
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    Opico 555xl

    Has anyone got a manual or parts book they don't use anymore many thanks
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    Mf dyna 6 range lights flashing

    Is there no error codes coming up on the small screen could be one of the range switchs or solenoids
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    Vicon 235?

    I ran a class 255 never gave any real major issues changed to a Kuhn 2135 same as the vicon baler very good baler they can all give problems touch wood none so far it makes a very good bale as wee all no it helps if the half wit on the seat that makes a difference
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    What combine would you recommend

    Had a mf 27 for years acreage kept going up looked at all colours I bought a claas well pleased would of bought mf again 30 or 32 if could of found one in good condition I looked at an awful lot of pigs for want of a better description my 27 was in better condition my advice is buy on condition...
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    Plastic potato gathering baskets

    Hi am looking for some plastic gathering potato baskets anyone know if any about
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    MF 6400 cab suspension

    Get them bought fitted a set to 1 of my 6400s great job and job finished
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    Mf 6480 starting

    Air inlet manifold it screws in it just above the alternator you will c a single heavy wire and a diesel pipe connected to it