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    Log splitter recommendations

    FFS should have asked on here, couldn't find owt second hand so ordered a new one yesterday :banghead:
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    Drainage trench width

    Just rough as its always bad to quote without looking I get it at 240m supply and lay 150mm pipe @£4.50 per meter £1080 Dig out and fit junctions for laterals 2 @£25 £ 50 18m supply and lay 80mm pipe @£1.85 per meter £ 33.30 It need about...
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    SJS Land Drainage

    All aspects of land drainage Ditching Jetting Drain repair/installation Can also undertake general groundworks and bulk earthmoving where necessary Based on merseyside/lancashire boarder but will travel for decent sized jobs Call to discuss requirements 07914 861828
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    Drain Jetter

    I'm fairly certain I just fitted a t fitting straight off the pump with a pressure disc in one of the outlets
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    Drain Jetter

    Can't help you with budget jetters but dad does land drainage and does a lot round Cheshire, I'm sure he'd look after you if you decided to go down the contractor route
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    Drain Jetter

    Built a jetter years ago, still a great tool. You don't need an unloader valve, we have a simple ball valve mounted next to the reel which either sends water back to tank or down the hose. Nozzles need to be made to suit your pump so unless there's a blockage in your nozzle you won't ever over...
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    Digger grapple ?

    Ive had 2 off approved hydraulics, mate has one too. Ain't broke one yet so must be fairly sturdy. Ste
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    Polytunnel for calf rearing

    Hi, I fancy rearing a few calves as a side line, but need extra housing to do so, my first thought was put a lean-to on an existing shed, max I could really do due to various factors would be 60'x14', I could fabricate and erect myself so I know it would cost that much but it's a bit of an...
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    Are we wasting our time trying to produce quality.....

    Absolutely spot on imo, biggest question is how can you adapt your business to take advantage of this? Sad topic in some respects but really highlights the difference in the farmers eating habit and that of the vast majority of their customers. great topic but may get more views/response in ag...
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    Drainage costs

    Prices would be dependant on how much stone cover you wanted, as a guide round here stoned up to topsoil level would be around £5.80 per meter Sounds quite expensive to me for the rate without stone, would be a lot cheaper than that done with a trencher round here, not a big fan of trenchless...
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    Drainage contractors in your area

    It's great to se people draining big areas but you say you drained every 2 chains, which is 40 meters apart give or take, this adds up to around 120 meters of drain per acre, which would come in somewhere in the region of £585 per acre based off prices round here. In my area the average drain...
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    Drainage contractors in your area

    Was talking to a mate of mine the other day who's a land drainage contractor, I've grown up in land drainage with that being my dads trade. I did work with dad for a bit but currently have a small groundworks business away from ag. My mate is always saying I should be in the drainage job as I'd...
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    What van? (Not pickup for a change)

    Im goin through the same thing at the minute and it's hard to choose, the hd transit will tow 3.5 ton, and the tranny is good to drive. I'm thinking of getting somethin like this On maybe a ranger or dmax but the smaller extra cab (dog usually on...
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    Sorry, it's another what's it worth thread

    Haha there's always one, it was on the pallet when I hooked the log splitter, so I thought it would take the strain
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    Sorry, it's another what's it worth thread

    Here you go

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