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    What van? (Not pickup for a change)

    Im goin through the same thing at the minute and it's hard to choose, the hd transit will tow 3.5 ton, and the tranny is good to drive. I'm thinking of getting somethin like this On maybe a ranger or dmax but the smaller extra cab (dog usually on...
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    Sorry, it's another what's it worth thread

    Haha there's always one, it was on the pallet when I hooked the log splitter, so I thought it would take the strain
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    Sorry, it's another what's it worth thread

    Here you go
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    Sorry, it's another what's it worth thread

    Spud I'm sorry I'm not really a Massey man so have no idea, is there an easy way to tell?
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    Sorry, it's another what's it worth thread

    im wanting to buy another digger but don't want to borrow any money so I'm thinking of selling my tractor, She's an L reg Massey 3645 Just turned 7k hours A bit of surface rust on the doors but no rot. Only known faults are 4wd light won't go out but 4wd works as it should as does 4 wheel...
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    Today at work

    Take it that was marks place? In which case that ones a mastenbroek 20/15 he also has a 20/20 and his old man has a 15/15
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    How small a herd to earn a living

    just for curiosity more than anything but there's very few small dairy herds left within a large area from me, there was one near milked 65ish but think he's packed in. So what's the minimum someone would need to earn a humble living from milking? And also if a living can be earned at this...
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    Jcb 8025

    On my 8026 you press the button on top of the left hand joystick then use the offset pedal Ste
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    K A Machinery

    Hi, has anybody had any dealings with these lot? They have a tractor I really like the look so just trying to suss the job out before wasting any time traveling there. Thanks, Ste
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    Towing car

    I've a grand cherokee and for its ability it's fairly compact and nimble, tow 3.5 ton with ease and really comfy to sit in. Mines an 04 so fuel consumption isn't brilliant but think the new one would be better
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    JCB Hydradig

    What everyone is saying about the weight you want to lift and lifting capacity of an outstretched excavator are quite right. I will however say don't underestimate the speed of the cycle times, looking at that jd and loader, by the time you've grabbed your three bales, gingerly backed round the...
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    Ford Industrial Digger Parts e.g.655

    Try m.j.lavin plant on the Wirral, you may have to take a bush to them but I'd be surprised if they didn't have something that would match
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    twinwall pipe

    Just had 36 lengths of 300mm last week and axups were by far the cheapest I spoke to. Ste
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    Piste bashee demount

    One here Ste
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    Alternative to Hitachi ex60-5

    Steevo yeah basically the dash 3's are newer, but they are a better machine than the old ones, lovely to drive. pb no they aren't advertised, they've only just come in. I'll get the info when he gets back. Ste

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