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    Aberystwyth Timber Train

    Quite a bit goes in by train already, as I was told we can't tip if they're unloading a train. Still a lot of chip and dust going in by road. I have my first trip there on Tuesday afternoon
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    Bulk tippers Essex

    Not sure on the actual cost as the company I work for paid for it, but the EPIC (MPQC now) card is a one day course and can be done online and also counts towards the DCPC. Must admit it was boring as hell and you could have fit the actual quarry stuff into 2 hours, but being online I was sat in...
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    Best remote broadband

    BT upgraded our local network but wouldn't come the 300m up the fields to us as we are just one property. As the current service was next to useless and the 1/2 yearly damage from a neighbours tree to our line I finally gave up and went to a EE 4G router and got rid of the land line totally...
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    Any one else panicking

    Stafford services been out for a couple of days last week, plus some garages around Stoke. We've not been too bad, Mrs got some before it all kicked off and managed to land on one mid week to top up as she's a mobile carer. Car wise I had half a tank which is 2 week driving to work for me, but...
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    Wood Pellet Running Costs

    Just about to get our last RHI payment next month so been in 7 years. Ours is a Okofen 25kw, heating a large 4 bed stone farmhouse with loft insulation and double glazed windows. Can honestly say we don't regret it one bit. We priced up oil and pellets and found that the install cost was higher...
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    Any one else panicking

    My view from what I've heard from a few sources, is there is no driver shortage as such at Hoyer and other tanker firms. But there was selective reporting and filling or not of certain stations all aimed at trying to push the Govt into a corner to let in cheap labour again. Big food industry...
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    Holiday entitlement

    Think you'll find the 8 statutory bank holidays are required as part of the annual leave package (employer can choose to use them as part of the statutory 5.6 weeks or add them as extra's), but there in no given right to actually take those as leave. If they are not granted on the actual bank...
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    Lorry driver shortage

    Sorry, but @Pennine Ploughing is pretty much spot on as to what's happening and what may happen in the future. Supermarkets and most business's aren't going to take the increased costs on the chin they're going to pass that increased cost on somewhere, some are already warning of price increases...
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    Lorry driver shortage

    Can't see it happening myself, and I am not taking part. I'm happy where I am and with what I earn, if I wasn't I would move jobs the same as I've done all my life. My main gripe is through all the talk going off everyone seems to be happy with the hours we work??? So it becomes the norm for...
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    Lorry driver shortage

    I also see what your saying, but that could be the same for anyone who books a break in a rdc or even the same places we go where they load bales of waste, they weigh in and out just the same. Some of our lads have been stopped and no issues found. What would be an issue is putting it on break...
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    Lorry driver shortage

    Wondered when someone would pick up on that ;) ;) all legal and above board as a loading shovel loads my load (walking floor) so its the same as someone booking a break when on a bay at the RDC whilst they are being loaded/unloaded. Tacho on other work for the 1 min to open the sheet at the...
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    Lorry driver shortage

    Agree that its needed but does need changing with some core elements like drivers hours as a must. Just look on any truck forum or social media and see how many are asking basic questions on drivers hours. I think the hours are easier to understand these days especially as no more compensating...
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    Lorry driver shortage

    Not anymore, the link below is the only one I could find quickly but you must prove that its required to repeat the course or they'll just cancel the repeated one from your file.
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    Need some lorry drivers quick, we must import some more?

    For any truck driving job your looking at around a 60 hour working week as a standard. Last week I'd done 43 hours by the end of my 3rd shift and 65 by the end of the week. For me I earn enough to have a comfortable life, but I'd like what I'm on now for 40 hours instead of 65. The clamp down...
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    Loaded up and trucking!!

    You will do Pete, load out of Biffa Ufton a lot, take stuff into Cov incinerator for Leicestershire CC, run to Linghall Meriden and Little Packington daily, along with Long Marston