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    Philmac poly liner
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    Heating grants

    It seems that’s this government’s way of doing things. It’s almost as if they are worried about losing votes to Labour populist policies so are acting like a Labour government to retain those votes, whilst expecting those traditional Conservative voters will keep voting for them as they have no...
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    Heating grants

    Same as clawing the £200 loan-not-loan back over the next few years would have cost a bit too.
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    Heating grants

    Just been checking this myself It’s the meter profile class that matters. Thankfully the farmhouse here is class 1. The farm meters are classed as non-domestic (3 and 4). There is an MPAN number on your bill. The first digit after the S tells you the profile class. It needs to be a 1 or a 2...
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    Heating grants

    Credit added to meter, or a voucher.
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    Heating grants

    According to this it’s to be paid via the electricity bill.
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    Certas Ad-blue IBC refunds

    Do you not have an account with them? I would be knocking the fee off each invoice when payment was due.
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    Estimating the annual yield of a plot of land

    Wheat crops planted in the autumn are harvested the following autumn (10 months later) Wheat crops planted in the spring are harvested the following autumn (6 months later) I think you would be lucky to harvest 8 tonnes from a single hectare. The 8 tonnes per hectare is an average for big and...
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    I hope they've keep keeping up with their assurance requirements....! 😂
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    Kevs diary

    Isn’t that a bit short?! Water trough can’t have been far from the existing main if that’s all it needed. ;)
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    Anyone bought fert

    Seems a fair price this season. Who did you buy through?
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    Energy prices /profit

    I was referring to my assumed understanding of existing oil extraction. I freely admit to not having a clue.
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    Energy prices /profit

    And even worse than that…. If you switch suppliers OFGEM are now considering making your old supplier pay your new supplier 85% of the difference in tariff! 😲😵‍💫 There will be no incentive to switch at all!! See my post from last week.
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    Energy prices /profit

    It costs little more to dig oil out of the ground that is worth £200 a barrel than oil worth £20 a barrel. Unlike farming where when output prices increase the profit is swallowed up by increased input prices.