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    Dog kennel set ups

    Could you put stockboard on top of existing timber slats?
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    Highest quality working dog food

    I'm lucky enough to still be able to get tripe from slaughterhouse. Best of feeding
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    Ssangyong musso

    Anyone any experience with a Koran sport. See a couple coming up second hand now.
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    Best way to fix baseplate to concrete

    I'd say them thunder bolts be grand for all the size you're doing. You near ballymote?
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    Steel frame building - concrete bases question

    Strange. Usually make the shed to suit the bases this seems to be other way round
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    Cordless angle Grinder

    I have metabo and happy with it
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    Best welding auto helmet

    I have a savage and have been pleased with it. Good helmet for the money
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    Tek screws

    As said above you need the fine thréad ones designed for heavy steel. Ordinary ones only good for about 3mm thick
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    Radial arm drill

    Lovely drill
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    Ball park cost of 50m x 20m basic shed

    15 % Increase not bad considering about 30% rise in material costs
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    Dexter limousin cross

    We had a lm bull break in and cover a Dexter. Had vet on standby for ceasarian but she calved naturally no problem
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    Welding helmet with respirator

    Very nice bit of kit
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    Enjoyed your posts. Good luck with the future
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    Box profile sheeting, minimum pitch

    I'd try and do it in one sheet if you can.
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    Bob Green Buildings - any thoughts!?

    Some nice sheds bob