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    At the risk of seeming facetious, probiotic.
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    I see that entire system as a massive disease football that is kicked around the industry.
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    The price of heptavac

    Added to that, the "P" part doesn't last very long. I always did ewes with bravoxin before lambing (to lamb in April) and the lambs with heptavac P when I felt that pneumonia season was coming (Septemberish).
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    Out door lambing

    I dunno, even in the balmy tropics of the Hampshire/Dorset border, I put off lambing until April.....
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    O/d interest rates

    Reporting to Boris? :ROFLMAO: Boris has made it clear in many speeches that he wants less regulation on banking not more.
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    Is it possible to do start to finish on 5 acres

    Would it? Rents get cheaper when you get into "sensible" agricultural sizes. 5ac means that you are competing with horsey types and smallholders. The going rate in Hampshire was about 20p/ewe/week, although as you go west it can get up to 40, 50 or 60p. If it was all grass, even with decent...
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    Is it possible to do start to finish on 5 acres

    In my experience, it's easier to find 50ac for rent than 5......
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    Biting the hand that feeds you.

    Well I like haggis and most supermarkets stock them. That is the point of this thread, right?
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    Edinburgh University today

    I think that's got more to do with the fact that wherever they are, the opinions of 18-21 year olds in higher education are not necessarily the same as other/older adults.
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    Edinburgh University today

    I'm sure they can be grown in an environmentally sustainable way......:p
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    Edinburgh University today

    The University isn't ON any hook - the SU is. If the University issued that notice there would be a riot. I imagine Edinburgh have just had, or are about to have their NSS - can't see that going well either, which would be a disaster for the University as the Government as well as the students...
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    Livestock back onto arable land

    I could apparently get a fast track Visa in Canada. If I could go there, I would.
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    I agree, but I couldn't get over that scarf.....
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    Dunno - recognised him from twitter though. He's a beef and sheep man...:unsure:
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    Government cutbacks, innit?

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