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    Valtra N123

    What’s people’s thoughts on this model, will be with loader. Thanks
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    Quad choice

    Have can am 450 pro and older Honda 500 with chunky tyres..the can am goes a lot further than the Honda . can am went two days longer than any Honda in the snow the can am is slightly worse on fuel if driven hard but doesn’t get stuck!
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    Litams auto weigher drafter

    Yes Dutch
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    Litams auto weigher drafter

    Bought it 2nd hand as a chancer it came from hartbury collage originally
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    Litams auto weigher drafter

    Yes got it cheaper than asking price! Haven’t tried it yet need a weigh box eg Bluetooth my box is just read out (ezi 5) other than that all looks fine just not much information about them. It has hand computer was wondering if a Psion would run it?
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    Litams auto weigher drafter

    Has anyone had any thing to do with this?
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    Sheep slats

    What cost to do a shead of that size with plastic slats?
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    Pronar grass cutter

    Anyone got or knows off a pronar grass cutter
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    Diy Fec starter kit

    Never done it before but do agree shouldn’t be to hard to learn! it looks expensive as you still have an annual sub after the first year as well!
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    Diy Fec starter kit

    Has anyone had anything to with fec pack won’t let me post link! It’s where you upload pictures of sample and they tell you how many etc for a yearly subscription
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    Kuhn 303 YGL/Manual

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    Kuhn 303 YGL/Manual

    Hi amount of oil in gear boxs and bed..I only have manual that is in French! I bought last year but when used this year it has worn the splines of the shaft from gear box and coupling to the bed..ever had that problem?
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    Kuhn 303 YGL/Manual

    Has anyone got a Kuhn 303 YGL manual for 2006 model?

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