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    Buying in cattle when under Tb restriction

    We have had one clear test after losing a reactor. Was going to apply for a licence to buy some more cattle in just now. I think I read somewhere that In coming cattle will need to have been tested in the previous 30 days. Does anyone know if that’s still the case with cattle coming from...
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    Feeding suckled calves from now on

    Think il have a go at selling them at 6/7 months old next year but I don’t think I’ve been kind enough this year, only been on creep the last few weeks.
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    Feeding suckled calves from now on

    Got some good Charolais calves out of good Simmental cows, just about to wean now, house the calves and turn the cows away for a couple of months all being well. Calves are on ad lib creep just now. Usually just tick them over winter on a couple of kilos of corn and decent silage, then turn...
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    Countryside Productivity Grant Scheme - final round (England)

    Does anyone know if you can buy the same item two years in a row? We have a couple of prattleys, one purchased on round two of the scheme and an older one we’d like to upgrade just now. Thanks
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    Sheep wintering and holding numbers

    Just seen this post sorry. Thanks for you help. Any of you sheep wintering chaps on here got any advice?
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    Sheep wintering and holding numbers

    England yep. Thanks for that. Il phone Apha 👍. Does that need any input from the landowner or can I just crack on and get the TLA’s set up do you know?
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    Sheep wintering and holding numbers

    I’ve managed to get some dairy grazing for sheep on two different farms locally, one next door and the other about 5 miles away. How do people go about licensing movements and does this mean the dairy farmers have to keep records of my sheep going onto they’re holding. Don’t want to do it...
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    Slatted shed layout

    Thanks for the advice so far. What sort of depth would be needed for 3 months? We are in the welsh borders @Andyt880
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    Slatted shed layout

    Raise the slats would be my initial thoughts, to save money mainly 😂 Ewes would be sheared and fed good quality chopped silage and turned out to lamb late March.
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    Slatted shed layout

    Morning everyone, Hoping to convert a current building 105ft x 55ft into a slatted sheep shed for in wintering ewes. Current floor is concrete. What would people suggest as the most suitable and efficient layout. Thanks very much
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    CODD and other sheep ailments that pee you off

    What rate a people mixing Tylan powder at? Going to try some in a 1 litre spray bottle. Guessing just about a tea spoonish in a litre of water? TIA
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    Wrong sex on passport

    Just jumping in on this thread. Bought a suckled calf last autumn, it’s a heifer but only realised today that the passport says male. I’d usually just send it back to BCMS but the thing is, the animal is meant to be heading to a store cattle sale tomorrow. She’ll just be stuck here on her own if...
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    Easy Ram Texel on Swale or Blackface

    I think the big thing with easy rams Texels is the emphasis they are putting into the maternal aspect. I think they are running between 500-600 pure Texel ewes with hardly any labour which is mad considering what most Texel ewes are like.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    What sort of money would you put on Charolais x yearlings, out of small blue grey cows so about 380 kg or just over at the moment. Thanks
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    Innovis sheep breeds

    Nothing at all to do with @easyram1 so Ive been told. Just Peregrine trying to make his own improvements to his Lleyn flock.

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