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    £200000 Suffolk

    From what I heard, it sounded like Easyrams and Logie Durno bought the big money Sandyknowe ewes....£2k upwards. Tried to buy some online but ones I thought would be 4-500 were 800-1000. That jobs best left to the professionals
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    Shepherds pay?

    What size flock out of curiosity?
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    Three quarter cheviot mule.

    Might not be too bad a ewe. Park Cheviot back on a Cheviot mule could end up with a monster ewe though, and not as milky as Cheviot mule.
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    Maincrop or stubble turnips

    Which would be best for mid June sowing. To be grazed after Christmas by lambs. Usually grow stubble turnips but the early sown ones are getting quite woody towards the end of the season. Thanks
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Sounds ideal. Surely be nearer £980-£1000 though won’t they ?
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    What are 420kg Charolais x yearlings now? Are they back much on a few weeks ago. Mixed steers and heifers, welsh borders
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    Giving a bitch estrumate

    Hello, Does anyone know if it’s possible to estrumate a collie bitch to terminate early pregnancy as in sheep and cattle? My bitch got accidentally caught. Vets charged a small fortune for the last jab when this happened a few years ago (can’t remember what that was called). But seeing as...
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    Mobile cattle forcing pen

    I’m looking for a demountable forcing pen for cattle...only to be moved sites 3 or 4 times a year. I see the rotex that iae make, but just wonding if there was anything else on the market. Thanks
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    Young Suckler Cow Down After A Hard Calving

    She’s just moved her back legs for this first time this afternoon whilst lifted. Yep, she’s been having anti inflammatory and steroids advised by the vet
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    Young Suckler Cow Down After A Hard Calving

    Sorry to tag onto this thread... We’ve a suckler cow down after a hard calving 6 days ago. Eating and drinking very well, we lift her twice a day but she won’t even take any weight on her back legs, doesn’t seem to have any feeling in them at all. Is there a chance of recovery? Or are we just...
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    What breed for outdoor lambing

    Bentley lamb they’re Suffolk ewes indoors, aberblacks outdoors I think. Sandyknowe and easyrams would be the only big flocks of Suffolk’s lambing outdoors that I know of.
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    NZ suffolks.

    Probably because the Easyram1 customers will be lambing outside in general, so they want the tips bred in the same way 🤔
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    Outdoor lambing and triplets

    Just wondering how people get on lambing triplets outdoors? We lamb our triplets and some singles for fostering indoors and everything else outdoors. Thought I might try them outside this year and just lift any lambs for fostering once they’ve had their colostrum. Got about 150 triplets so I’m...
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    Buying cattle in spring selling in winter

    We’re not particularly good farmers 😂, but can grow cattle incredibly well off grass, so makes sense to try and capitalise on that I think. Sucklers at the moment but short on stock, in two minds wether to put more cows on or do as above and grow some store cattle on grass.
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    Buying cattle in spring selling in winter

    What do people reckon about buying decent cattle early, like now, and selling in the back end at 500 - 550kg ? Could by now and turn out onto surplus stubble turnips which would keep them until mid April then onto very good young grass let’s. Sorry to high jack