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    Man fined £840 for operating illegal waste site from his home

    That seems a laughably small fine. Hopefully it will be combined with the obligation to clear the site and make good.
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    17 reg disco engine kaput

    To be honest I just asked him what their experience was with the 2l D5. I don't really know a lot about the engines. My last "good" LR was a Disco 2 which I took to 450.000 km before chassis rust killed it. I replaced it with a Disco 4 which was an absolute nightmare - it spent probably as...
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    17 reg disco engine kaput

    I have been considering a D5 with the 2l diesel engine. I saw the workshop manager from the local LR dealer at the weekend (he is a member of our classic car club). He told me they currently have 5 Discoveries in for new engines under warranty, all less than a year old. I'd love a 3l but...
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    Idiots guide to <100hp tractors.

    I've heard that the MF35 comes very highly recommended. Everyone should have at least one tractor. :)
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    What can we do if blocked in or out?

    I have a set of fork extensions which fit our forklift and/or telehandler, which I use together with some soft rubber blocks to lift up various vehicles in order to work on/clean the undersides. I can move any car without doing any damage - and have done, admittedly only on a couple of occasions.
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    VW Amarok future prices

    Wow, that sounds expensive. I was in the VW garage last week (OH has an Arteon) and they offered me a brand new Amarok with a V6 engine for €42000. This was because they know I have the world's least reliable Hilux - 87000 km and it's spent more time in the garage than on the road (or at...
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    L200 auto for towing

    This^^^. At 80k it's just nicely run-in. I miss mine (hit and written off by drunk driver when parked). We also have a DMax which has been great and a Hilux which has been a disaster - injector problems which Toyota can't seem to fix (it's probably spent more time off the road than on it in...
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    No deal brexit dress rehearsal.

    Also closed...
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    Would you or do you have a show on your land

    We used to be in a rotation of farms hosting a local show, but now it's held in the grounds of a local agricultural college. Given that this was a specialist show focussing on machinery, I would estimate that 90% or more of the visitors were actively involved in agriculture in one way or...
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    Magnesium tablets.....

    I started taking cheap supermarket mineral/multivitamins early this year - mostly as there was a suggestion it might help in preventing Covid. I won't be stopping - I can't believe how much better I feel. Took 2-3 weeks before I noticed any effect.
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    McCormick IH 434 starting problem

    It could be worth trying to pressurise (lightly!) the fuel tank to assist in getting fuel through. I do this by wrapping a rag round an air gun from the compressor to create a seal. I have a couple of old machines without working fuel gauges, and they run out of fuel a couple of times a year...
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    Piggery investment

    Why don't these threads get removed? On other forums threads like this would disappear very quickly.
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    Feeding my dairy cows

    I've (tried to) send you a message. Please let me know if you got it OK?
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    Why can’t tractor drivers pull over on the road?

    In fairness, if you can't get past a tractor on that road you either need to stop driving, or get a better car...
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    CCTV These guys were very helpful when we were looking, and we've installed 2 of their systems - one on the farm and one at some outlying buildings. I was looking for a system and was in the UK (I'm from Belgium) to pick up some spare parts. I happened to notice the CCTV...