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    The Ineos Grenadier thread

    I think I like it :unsure:(y) latest pics and video here: introducing the Interior (
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    Anyone know a supplier for sprockets?

    Another shout for Bearingboys, very good to deal with (y) agreed re the taper lock too, much easier to get off in the future.
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    Pickup thread Toyota and Nissan easy within price range here ⬆. I found them very good to deal with when I got mine (y).
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    Explosion in Beruit

    Interesting story re the ship and its cargo;
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    Explosion in Beruit

    From facebook
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    Leasing a new pickup.

    Van Sales UK are very good, not pushy, good prices ?
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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    more repercussions :(
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    Company car - advice please

    As far as I can tell, this only applies to the V6 Amarok, V6 Merc and the Raptor?
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    Have Kubota bought Sumo?

    No probs (y):LOL:, not sure it fits into your new diet though (n), might undo all of the good work :)
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    Have Kubota bought Sumo?

    Haha, thanks Bob, some of what you've written is true, but I have to correct you on the last point, running a guest house is definitely not my bag, fortunately I'm now doing what I like best, designing all kinds of stuff (y):)
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    Lamma 2019, people's views on the day

    plus £16 per car :facepalm:
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    Lamma 2019, people's views on the day

    bottom half of above pic all Lamma, top half Autosport show (y)
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    Show of hands for Lamma 2019

    We're going, v much looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, it's been a while (y)
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    Oh no, another pick up thread

    I have a friend who very recently got 'done' by a camera van while driving a transit connect, he was doing 68 on what he thought was 60 limit main road, he knew he might get a ticket but was very surprised that the limit for his little van was 50, it resulted in 6 points and a £680.00 fine (now...
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    Oh no, another pick up thread

    Sadly the lower speed limit on the bigger engined Amarok is too much of a negative for me, otherwise it's a very nice vehicle :(