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    How Many More People Can the UK Take?

    The way the world is going, the Russians and Chinese might soon be thinning out the world !! On a side note, the most common boys name in the UK last year was Mohammed. Not sure Britain will be very British soon !
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    Farm insurance

    Insurances are only good or bad when you make a claim. Sometimes paying more for NFU will probably pay off in the long run. I know this from my experience
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Really !! Maybe people will just realise that the breeds of Native bred cattle and sheep that thrive on grass will be the ones to have. I can never understand why you feed more KG's of concentrates to animals, than the amount of food you get back !?
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    Get yoursekf a digger and an alabi !! Problem sorted
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    Rained on bales

    Lucky you.......... nice problem to have when everyone else is desperate for rain !
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    Red Tractor : suitable detergent/disinfectant?🤷‍♂️

    What detergent takes all the complete sh!t off RT should be the question !!
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    3 year old killed after ‘collision’ with a tractor

    Not that simple is it though. They then go on their bikes to the local town and get run over that way........ or start getting into trouble another way. With modern tractors, the safest place for farm kids is in the cab. Not very H and S, but it is true. I expect most of us older farmers on...
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    Helpful advice with hedge cutting start up

    Location ? Might be best to trim all the 'good life' farmers hedges and earn a few hundred quid a time for a few hours work, than do long days for real farmers and earn less.
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    Backend oil?

    Don't change the oil ....... you can easily see it when it's black !
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    Rather short of entries and likes this week........probably my fault for not finding a great picture..... but I will hand the baton over to you @DrDunc.
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    Another kick in the teeth for red tractor

    RT have the same arrogance stance as the EU had about the UK. Both never listened to the whinges and concerns of their members until it was too late. Just hope that RT fail now, as they have produced nothing but sress, aggravation and cost to farmers for absolutely no reward. Unfortunately...
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    Feed Wheat for Sale

    If only it wasn't FA......... I would take it then !!
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    Hard to find a funny pic, but try this one
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    Which straw bedder

    Teagle........... if you call the Cornish British !! :D
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    Which straw bedder

    Shame on you......... especially as you are from Cornwall !!