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    COP26 ... Your predictions

    The whole air travel issue is nothing short of scandalous. Last time I was dispatched to a meeting in London, I was looking forward to getting the train - 4 hours in a comfortable, quiet seat with unlimited refills of tea. "No, no" said the boss, "Book a flight down, it's cheaper". The most...
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    COP26 ... Your predictions

    If that's the big announcement, I'm not sure I'm too worried about it. As other posters have observed, an announcement that "we'll cut X by Y% by the year Z" is a pretty typical announcement which losely translates to "we'll do feck all about it and make zero progress because some other lot will...
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    Do lorry engines shut off fuel to some cylinders on motorway?

    My old car certainly did, so I see no reason why that wouldn't have been extended to larger engines.
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    Atv electric conversion

    Yes, I'd say you're not far out with that. For occassional use, the sums don't yet stack up. For us at lambing time, we're easily burning a jerry can of petrol a day, possibly two, plus the hassle of going and filling them, so the sums add up better. I just haven't yet found the time or money to...
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    Atv electric conversion

    You certainly don't need a clutch with the electric motor as it's happy to pull away from zero RPM. You don't need a gearbox either so long as you set a good gear/chain ratio that matches the speed range of the motor with the speed range you want for the bike. Not unlike how you can mess around...
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    Atv electric conversion

    I've given it quite a bit of thought as a farmer's son who happens to be an electrical engineer. There's lots of online forums for DIY EV conversions that might be a good starting point for your research. You can also buy kits with motor, motor drive, and twisty hand throttle all set up for...
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    Unfortunately, there's nowhere near enough of them as it is to fulfill the Government's stated foreign policy objectives. Never mind if they were to start viewing them as a pool of cheap labour that could be used to solve problems as they crop up, rather than actually spending the money on the...
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    Wall Mounted Plasitic Bins

    That's who I'm on about. Also has an ebay store.
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    Wall Mounted Plasitic Bins

    Fine for bits and pieces but not strong enough for storing a good stock of nuts and bolts. I made wooden pigeon holes for the heavy stuff then use the plastic bins for electrical connectors, a few weird washers and stuff like that. Someone on eBay does grey plastic storage bins, boxes, racks...
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    JCB develops hydrogen combustion engine and outlines plans for the future of propulsion

    Aside from anything else, Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the known universe. As I understand it, if you put it in a steel tank, it's so small that it simply seeps out through the steel, never mind any loose connectors or rubber seals etc. That makes transportation and storage incredibly...
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    An alarming trend that's started to creep into my profession is to start replacing repeated letters in acronyms with powers. So it's not MMPC, it's M^2PC. ie M squared PC.
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    Support Request What are inline codes and inline spoilers?

    The inline code feature is often used on technical forums discussing computer code to distinguish the code segments from the rest of the text. Computer code usually appears in a typewriter style font while it's being written in an editor and it's common to want to show it that way when asking...
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    Trouble at th'mill

    It doesn't necessarily take a highly skilled boffin to break into a computer system. In fact, if the system is designed right, even a hacking genius can't get in. We saw an example of that in the FBI vs. Apple case where the combined might of the FBI apparently couldn't get into a terrorist's...
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    BCMS ending

    Sadly doesn't work too well with software. 25 year old software is rather old and likely written to run on hardware no longer manufactured by people who are long since retired using software libraries long since discontinued and replaced. The end website you actually interact with is just a thin...
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    Do we need stricter gun laws?

    Nobody NEEDS to own a motorcycle. They're dangerous to the rider, dangerous to other road users, difficult to regulate in the same way as cars due to rear plates only, can facilitate criminal getaways down narrow streets where police cars can't follow. They must cause hundreds of deaths every...