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    Certain Types, Breeds Of Dogs Should Be Banned?

    Make no mistake, many of these types of dogs are bought to keep rival drug dealers away from the house and/or to leave plenty of time to flush the goods down the toilet while the police dog handler tries to get control of it. Edit: Not implying any direct connection to incidents in the OP, just...
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    Soldering close wires

    A very fine soldering iron can actually make things worse as it can be difficult to get the heat in without a large tip area. As above, 2.54mm spacing is standard and should be possible to solder using most standard irons. A roll of solder wick can help if you're applying too much solder at a time.
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    Brilliant. Haven't done too much with my 3D printer yet but it really is a game changer limited only by your imagination.
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    Best drill sharpener that’s easy to use

    Same here. Very much hit and miss and I've studied the instructions carefully. It went up in a blue flash a couple of days ago too!
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    What size compressor for a impact gun.

    Local mechanic round here never touched his air driven one again after getting a Milwaukee cordless one. Ours is rarely beaten either.
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    Odd Threads on Milling Machine

    Bought the manual from him. That's how I confirmed it 😉
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    Odd Threads on Milling Machine

    Yes and apologies for not updating. Confirmed as Whitworth. It seems that Whitworth is almost interchangeable with UNC apart from the 1/2" one which is what was causing the confusion. The guy who gave me the UNC bolts thought that they would at least screw in and give us a starting point, so he...
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    Tig welding newbe

    You'll need an AC machine for aluminium. You'll realise quite quickly that the ones with AC capability are more expensive. I bought a second hand Fronius Magic Wave which is AC/DC at I think 300A. Quite honestly, I just can't get into the swing of it. I get on okay on steel but to be honest I...
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    Disgusting dog owners!

    Common Law "breach of the peace" is very rarely charged now since the advent of Section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010, which makes it an offence for a person to "behave in a threatening or abusive manner" in a way "likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear...
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    5/8 kW truck/caravan diesel heater

    I have one. It works fine and produces a decent heat. I use it to heat a small workshop. Only problem is, the instructions for the controller are in horrendous pigeon English. It's a case of pressing all the buttons until it starts making a noise. After that, I never touched the buttons again...
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    Survey: Experience of using Police Scotland's firearms and explosives licensing service 2021/22

    Waiting on my renewals to come through the now. The forms say not to send them anywhere, that you've to wait for them to contact you. Licences are up at the end of January. I've generally had no issues at all with them other than being hopelessly slow. My initial SGC grant took 6 months. You can...
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    Odd Threads on Milling Machine

    Thread gauge set arrives this afternoon so the supsense will soon be over!
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    Odd Threads on Milling Machine

    I'm not sure said dealer has cleared out his bolt cupboard since Archimedes invented the screw :ROFLMAO: If anyone will have them in stock I'd put my money on this guy.
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    Odd Threads on Milling Machine

    He was pretty adamant given that one lot had a different shaped head from the other but I'll ask him to double check.
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    Odd Threads on Milling Machine

    Tony got back to me very quickly and said he'd never come across one that wasn't BSW or BSF. Going to go back to the ag dealer and ask him if he's absolutely certain those bolts he gave me were BSW. I'm a child of the metric era so I wouldn't know any better :ROFLMAO: