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    Vegan Cafe changes menu

    This is so true. We went away last week for a few days and stayed in a self catering cottage. The owner arrived in due course to greet us and we mentioned we were going to have fish and chips on the beach for tea that evening. He then proceeded to tell us that him and his wife were vegan and...
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    Contracting Costs

    Had a similar situation when I went drilling for a guy several years ago. Field was 20acres when he phoned about it. When I started getting tight for seed it"might"be 22. When he was bagging wheat out of his bin in the dark it turned out to be 24!
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    Pics attached of serious farming article in todays Sunday Times

    That's always what I've thought. A friend of mine is a farm manager for a large spud outfit supplying Walkers. Last year PepsiCo upgraded their worldwide computer systems and every time they came online in the US the Walkers factory here systems would crash so the factory would grind to a halt...
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    Protein Source

    The one's I bought were about £220/t which was about the same as wheat at the time. I was led to believe that they more or less mirror the wheat price but not sure what they'd be now. I roll enough for a fortnight each time, been perfectly okay so far. Don't know how long they would keep beyond...
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    Protein Source

    Beans if you can process them
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    JD direct drive

    I've had 2 6175's both with DD . First one came and went with no problems at all. The 2nd one had a gasket go between the 2 halves of the gearbox and then while it was in there was a mod done on some bearings so all it cost was some replacement transmission oil. Ordered a third with DD for April...
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    'Cutting the cloth'

    I don't know where our local/country yfc got they're t-shirts from for AGMs and county shows but I still have several from the late nineties early noughties which I wear for work and still in relatively good nick. I also have a pair of RM Williams boots still going strong that I bought in...
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    'Cutting the cloth'

    I'm led to believe that's more applicable to broilers due to the odd body that's been missed in the muck
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    Arnie, so we’re all vegan now?

    How can you be 80% vegan? You either are or you aren't....
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    'Cutting the cloth'

    Layers was £6/t last year and broiler £8-9 ex farm locally. Think it's gone up £2-3/t lately
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    'Cutting the cloth'

    I've bought in some layer manure to try and offset at least some of the nitrogen cost and got plenty of away silage ground which I can just go for lower yields on and hope we have enough.
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    Dave has actually retired now, looks like he still likes stirring from the comfort of his rocking chair
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    Another BBC hatchet job?

    Would appear that the BBC's "expert" wasn't exactly neutral either 🙈
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    Our cows, albeit sucklers and generally at either end of the grazing season have the option to come in and out as they please. They soon head for the shed if the weather turns inclement.
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    Another BBC hatchet job?

    Maybe somewhat anecdotal but bribed the kids to go shopping with a visit to Macdonald's at lunchtime on Saturday. They were busily advertising their mcplant/beyond vegan offering on a fancy electronic billboard. Sat opposite the counter I took the opportunity to do a bit of market research...