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    Grass 2020

    Yields here (west Shropshire) are probably around half to two thirds of last year. Quality though looks pretty good although I haven't any test results to base this on🤞
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    Field of standing grass

    If you take the average price of a silage bale at around £20+, putting in rough contractor costs (mow, ted, rake, bale) will work out minimum £10/bale on a 10 bale /acre crop. Fertiliser can easily be £30/acre which leaves you around £7 for just the grass. Obviously not many 10 bale crops...
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    Field of standing grass

    We buy straw like this off one farm, agree the average price per acre locally then just divide by the tonne /bale. Seems to work well and like you say, fair to both sides. Good crop we pay a bit more, but not paying for bare patches, poor crop in a year like this.
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    Field of standing grass

    £90/acre locally and had 100kgs of 27-5-5 in the price
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    My slinoid keeps clicking when i try to start my driveon mower. What have i done? I repaced the solinoid

    Yes, low battery would be my guess too. Ours was doing it, once the battery was charged and it had a good run its been fine since
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    Costing of baling via contractor v baling yourself

    Similar to last year I think. It will have been manufactured before the oil price fell. Maybe down a bit if we're lucky
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    Costing of baling via contractor v baling yourself

    I'm surprised about the mchale, maybe depends on how fast they go. A roller baler makes a tighter bale if you go steadier. We had a krone to try several years ago and the new holland we had at the time had to go a lot further to make a bale. And noisy as you say.
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    Costing of baling via contractor v baling yourself

    Could be, I can't speak for others but I like to take pride in what I do and produce. My concern would be if I made soft bales then word would soon get round and any extra "profit" would be shortlived. I'm not a mchale fan myself but that's more down to backup than the machines. Any good...
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    Costing of baling via contractor v baling yourself

    Quite agree. We try to not take on too much work so can be on time for our customers. We have I think, a good relationship with our dealer so should problems occur they are sorted quickly or a backup provided. Also if I think back to balers we used to run, (which might be low cost machines now...
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    need help with info to beat a vegan

    That's quite funny. I have seen other posts that suggest the opposite though (could be made up obviously) that a lot of vegan foods were left on the shelves. Even in a crisis no one wants it. Not sure which I like the most :finger:
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    need help with info to beat a vegan

    Yes. I think I mentioned on another thread that I wondered how many recent "converts" resorted back amidst the recent panic buying?
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    need help with info to beat a vegan

    I notice their trolling on various farming /dairy social media pages has reduced enormously. No doubt they will be back using this pandemic and it's supposed source to try and further their cause.
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    Whats your machinery line up.

    Fairly modest compared to some but in our shed there is.... JD 6175r Jcb 526-55 (1995) JD c441r combi baler JD f310r and 331 front and rear mowers Kuhn 7 metre rake Kuhn 7 metre tedder krm m2w fert spreader Amazone 3 meter power harrow Accord 4 row maize drill (was a 6 but we cut it down...
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    Stabiliser bull?

    Crikey, they don't even sound like the same breed as we have. Ours are all pretty quiet apart from the odd one that can be a bit protective after calving but settles down after a day or two. The only thing I can suggest is the lad we had ours off originally has 2 herds on 2 farms. One lot are...
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    Has anyone else noticed or is it just me?

    Yes, bit of sunshine makes anyone feel better

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