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    13 or 14 tonne excavator

    Looking for a 13 or 14 tonne digger. 5-8000 hours. JCB JS130 type machine ideally.
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    Large paraplows

    Will do.
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    Large paraplows

    Have got a very tidy 6 leg if you are interested.
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    Trimble Greenseeker

    Looking for a couple of Greenseeker sensors to add to an existing system. Would consider a complete setup.
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    We have got a very tidy high spec 2006 50k for sale if you are still looking.
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    Extending a Powerguard warranty

    I don’t think you can extend the powerguard warranty as such, but you can go onto the JD greenshield warranty with machines up to 7 years old. Not quite sure how it differs. Fendt warranties run rings around the JD offerings in terms of cost, flexibility and what is included.
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    N Trip RTK

    Thanks for the suggestion. It would be approx 40 metres to get to an internet connection. Having not used data RTK I hadn’t really given much consideration to the cost of data at both ends. Could see that adding up compared to what we have been used to with radio.
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    N Trip RTK

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    N Trip RTK

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    N Trip RTK

    Have been using radio RTK and looking at adding N Trip to our base station. Unfortunately no access to the internet near it, so would like to know what kind of data modem, sim card, N trip caster etc would be needed and how to configure it please.
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    Simba free-flow direct drill

    Will be very interesting to see how it goes, thanks for posting. Can’t quite tell from the photos, but how are your brackets held on to the box section of the drill frame?
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    Vaderstad Rexius Twin 830

    Looking for a tidy Rexius 830 press. Preferably with 3 rows of raptor tines.
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    Trimble TDL 450 L. RTK base station

    The two unlocks are about £1500 each and the radio is about the same iirc.
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    Trimble TDL 450 L. RTK base station

    TDL 450 is a radio only. RTK base station is a base station. They are not the same thing. That description most likely means TDL 450 radio for RTK base station if it is one item. If it is the two separate items, then yes you could use it with your Trimble 750. However, you would need an Omnistar...
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    Spring barley advice

    Quantity is the problem in the slot as it increases the relative salt index in the proximity of germinating seeds to the point where it burns the plant tissue.