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    Fuel price tracker

    3500 litres Red 59.5,delivery by Friday
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    Whats the oldest thing you have found

    A 6000 year old axe head made from green stone sourced from Great Langdale .
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    Why will the AIC not confirm what tests are done on imported grain?

    I think they have plenty of members,they're just not working farmers as far as I can see.
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    Recent Energy suppliers that have ceased trading

    I was wondering that too,can't see how they can differentiate.
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    Do i need planning permission??

    Definitely not to a dwelling,it sits within the farmyard complex with a grain drier and grains stores next to it.
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    Do i need planning permission??

    Will look,thanks.
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    Do i need planning permission??

    Small tin Dutchbarn in farm comples ,it consists of 3 x18 ft bays and is 50 ft wide and within these dimensions is a Dutch curved foot with a lean to.We want to take it down and replace it with a small grainstore within the same footprint.The dimensions are the same but the food will be...
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    The Governments assault on livestock farming.

    Livestock and grass are the lifeline of the planet and Wildlife.Just shows how politicians are easily misled ,they don't seem to do their own research.All they want to do is trade deals around the World which means more gas guzzling planes and ships.We export X to A and A exports X back to...
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    Recent Energy suppliers that have ceased trading

    I couldn't support Vegan Vince even if he was the cheapest provider after his anti meat rhetoric.He is a mine of misinformation.
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    Recent Energy suppliers that have ceased trading

    Npower was absorbed by Eon a while back so looks like there will be less competition in the marketplace.
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    Guy Smith's response to FW article on AIC rules.

    Well Minette I've looked for the RT logo so that I can buy British food produced to a high standard.I can find,in our shopping trolley, plenty of lovely British foods that are produced to high standards but I can't find the RT logo.Sainsburys beef and lamb being one example.So is Minette saying...
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    Last shoot I was on,as a guest,it was around £200 iirc,some to the loader and some to the keeper.This is a big shoot,on local ones it's usually £30 to £50.
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    Smooth coated Jack Russell Puppies

    Will be available approx Mid October.Should be small short legged types.Mum is our housedog and Dad a neighbours mini Jack Russell. Located in West Herefordshire.
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    Meat accounts for nearly 60% of all greenhouses gases from food production, study finds

    I'm afraid one sided unbalanced articles,such as this,prevent me from buying The Guardian .Pasture reared livestock are carbon negative ,they eat the grass,burp a little and emit some methane.This methane enters the atmosphere and in,approx 8/10 years return to earth as carbon where its...
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    New telehandler time

    Agreed,thought it was terrible at first but now very used to it.