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    710/70 R42

    Looking for a pair of 710/70 R42 for a set of dual wheels, don't need to be anything special - circa 30% Cheers
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    PowrMatic Workshop Heater

    Morning, Sorry it has already been sold! Cheers,
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    PowrMatic Workshop Heater

    PowrMatic WorkshopHeater We are moving site and its no longer needed Complete with everything you see including power connections, cabling, control board and maybe 30-40m of ducting Fully functional, had its last service Feb '21 I can help with loading Make me an offer for it Located near...
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    John Deere Starfire 3000/6000

    Looking for a John Deere SF3000/6000 dome, I'm not that worried what activation level it is from SF1 to RTK 07719 403446 Cheers,
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    Kamas Westrup Dresser + Carier Grain Elevator

    Kamas Westrup SI-50 50-55 t/hr Installed by TNS, aside from the 1st year of install I don't think we actually ever used it Re-doing our buildings so its surplus to requirements now To include everything you see! Make me an offer - 07719 403446 Burwell, Cambs
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    Has anyone heard of a company called E-Farm

    Yes they're just commission people, advertising dealers machines for a fee Never had any issue with them buying or selling If buying I'd recommend paying to get a full inspection beforehand just to be sure what you're buying
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    Piusi Diesel Pump, Hose and Nozzle

    Apologies, its already been sold to another TFF member
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    Yard Clearout Pt.1 - Guards and Panels

    After years of hoarding we are finally having a spring clean of our yard. This Part 1 of a many part installment to include - Sets of NH body panels, believed to be 2 part sets - Ex- T8000 and TG200?? taken off when they were new Although the bonnet is sunfaded and needs a fibreglass repair...
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    Piusi Diesel Pump, Hose and Nozzle

    Piusi Panther 56 Pump (2020) Roughly 2m Hose and Nozzle All new and unused, wrong spec came on a new tank so we swapped them over £75
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    John Deere 4600 screen v1 vs v2 processor differences

    I know that there was an issue with the v1 processors, very rare but occasionally something would trigger them to die (we think possibly low battery or fluctuation of voltage somewhere) and it would show a black screen, only happened to me once on a 8345RT
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    6row sp beet harvester

    Won't let me send a pm for some reason, give me a call - 07719 403446
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    6row sp beet harvester

    Have a '12 Agrifac Quatro w/ low hours?
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    sale at burwell cambs

    CTS not sold - opening bid 20k TX66 not sold - opening bid 18k CTS was from a farm in Burwell TX I think came out of Wicken/Stretham somewhere
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    sale at burwell cambs

    Yes we're still alive and kicking!