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    Loader bucket question for a friend

    They look nice!! I also have 80 power brackets in stock. If anyone needs any brackets just PM me, they'll be cheaper than eBay prices which are dearer due to the fees.
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    Dividing grain with big bags of fertiliser

    We did this for years before getting some concrete lego bricks. Row of 600kg bags with sheets of ply either side and lashed the sheets together over the bags. Not perfect but it did a job.
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    Door Frames or Perhaps Something Else............?

    Bump. Anybody interested before I cut them up??
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    MF 860 digger no power

    Ours had similar problems years ago. I think it was linked to a filter tucked in behind/near the brake fluid reservoir that had been missed on several occasions. Engines are not my thing at all and my memory is crap so I may be completely wrong! I'll try and remember to get a photo tomorrow.
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    Is there such thing as an air spanner?
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    Fibre cement profiles

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    Rollershutter door maintenance,servicing and inspection

    We generally have them out once a year to give all four of our doors a once over, prevention being better and cheaper than a cure when it comes to problems. These are our own doors and we have no tenants but I'm sure they would be able to sort out what you are after.
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    gluing stainless steel

    Thanks for the mention, but to be honest, my stainless welding looks like a dog pi$$ing in the snow. Uniseed Engineering on the Stanton Ind Estate would be another option.
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    Oil Question

    Back end oil in two NH's, a 40 series and a T6. I'm currently trying to streamline my fathers extensive oil collection into something a bit more manageable!! Found a random can the other day with no label and "new oil" written on it in marker pen!! :banghead::banghead: That got tipped in the...
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    Oil Question

    Can the learned collective tell me if these two the same thing and can I use one to top up the other?
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    Key clamp fittings?

    DC Iron seem pretty reasonable for them.
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    13.6/ 38 inch wheels for ih tractor 684 Any use? Happy to split.
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    I've done work in the past at a place which used to make straw pellets for Drax. Heston bales come in, if they were wet they would be dried with a gas powered drier that skewered them and blasted in hot air (kongskilde thing I think it was) straw was then put through a tub grinder and then a...
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    Nail gun

    Friend of mine has just got a Milwaukee battery one, reckons it's a brilliant tool but a tad on the heavy side.