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    Entitlements wanted

    Morning, I'm looking for 5.38 ha of entitlements if anyone has any at the back of the cupboard....!! Thanks, Tom
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    Sinking ship?

    The name’s Chapman. Tom Chapman. 🤓 (Edit: it sounded funnier in my head...!) (2nd edit: don’t call it the British Farming Forum, @Clive will get cross!)
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    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    183 posts in, as I type, and no one has mentioned mycorrhizal fungae, no one has mentioned the bacteria:fungi ratio, no one has mentioned glomalin, or how soil structure forms. There’s been the odd mention of carbon and compost but nothing significant. Do none of you know about soil or are you...
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    Sinking ship?

    Me...!! (Not sure what you mean, are you asking for my name? )
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    Using Two Computers On RPA BPS Site

    Totally off topic, but my father used to play the church organ - 3 keyboards plus the pedals (so technically a fourth keyboard for his feet) plus rows of stops either side of the keyboards to change the pipes and therefore the sound. It was amazing to watch him - hands and feet doing this...
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    Pest control and rifle scope.

    Last year I bought a Gamo Phox though in .22 calibre. A bit like you, @Cowabunga , I hadn't owned an air rifle for several decades (and the one I had back then was an ASI Statical so not a very famous brand, for a reason....!) and I, too, was blown away by how good the Gamo was. Very accurate...
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    Are we heading for another dry spring?

    I was listening to an American podcast the other day and the interviewee made an interesting observation. He said farmers always say “8 out of the last ten years have been overly dry and only 2 have had normal rainfall”. His point was that we think those two are normal and the dry years are...
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    Sinking ship?

    I regularly paste similar in the comments section of The Times, under cow-bashing articles. It generally gets dozens of likes etc but it’s not quite up there in the main newspaper. Maybe I should write to Clarkson and he can do an article based on it for the Sunday Times Magazine - that would...
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    Sinking ship?

    As we know, the cow isn’t the problem: Where does the carbon come from, that the cow emits (both as CH4, ie methane, and as CO2, ie carbon dioxide)? Obviously the answer is from the forage that it eats. Where does the forage get its carbon? From the carbon dioxide in the air, as it...
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    Does size matter ?

    It’s all about uplift in value. Whenever I’ve had to deal with this kind of sale I always quote the price in so much per square foot - say £50/sq.ft. That allows them to buy as much as their budget allows. For example, Someone wishing to buy a 10m x 30m strip of land - this is c.3,230 square...
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    Calves and electric fencing

    I wouldn’t do it if the calves are less than a week old. In my experience they seem almost impervious to pain at that age (maybe something to do with coping with being born??!!) After that they soon learn, especially if, as said above, there’s a solid wall / fence / hedge in front of them so...
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    Clocks BST change.

    I had an old aunt - long since died - who used to say the clocks changing confused the song birds. She was deadly serious too!!!
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    My grandad always used to call some animals stirks. I was too young to know if they were male of female but I’ve since heard they were probably young heifers. Makes sense as he also had bullocks
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    When did bullocks become steers? I grew up calling them bullocks. Not sure when or what happened but everyone round here now calls them by the American name, “steers”. How did that happen?