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    John Deere X9 first drive

    Another couple of years yet. This ones been that good will be difficult to let it go.
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    John Deere X9 first drive

    So what’s it getting replaced with? 8900 or x9?
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    Mobile cattle crush

    Yes that’s why I’m thinking of a new one, might as well if the government pays half
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    Mobile cattle crush

    Looking to get a new mobile cattle crush. What’s best? Needs to be strong and last a long time. Current one is 30 years old and still does the job but planning upgrading to one with head scoop etc
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    OSR germ

    Will be fine if it’s been kept dark and dry. I usually always have a bag left over from previous year and always grows fine
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    Osr not dying off

    Always have green stalks up here. Just cut the heads off basically or you get a crap sample
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    Is there any skill in growing an economically viable crop of OSR?

    Anyone ever used home saved hybrid seed? Think I am a bag short of new seed for next year and thought I’d try some off the heap just too finish off. Know people say not to do it but thought I might give it a try. Volunteers seem to grow fine
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    Calling Massey 727? Cerea owners

    Have a friend that had a 7282. Radiator choked every day from new, never got to the bottom of it so traded it for an axial flow
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Anyone know feed barley price in ne Scotland?
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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    ? now there’s an idea
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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    Know for a fact now netherton are not buying Philips huntly branch
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    Wild oats in Spring Barley

    80 years they can stay dormant for I think
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    Vaderstad or Horsch??

    ???? was only remapped you get rid of the egr crap. Not mental power. And yes it is bad.
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    Wild oats in Spring Barley

    0.8l/ha and nothing else added to tank. Can’t be sprayed with anything else though so needs it’s own pass
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    Wild oats in Spring Barley

    Use oskar here. A week after weed spray. Works very well. A lot cheaper than axial as well

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