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    Swan Vestas
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    Non-starting digger

    Swan Vestas
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    Is there any future in suckler cows ?

    There have been places taking them in the past. I think ABP used to have a scheme for it.
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    The Burns Day Storm 1990

    we lost a 75’x30’ roof from one of our cubicle sheds - the wind tore it off in one piece and stuffed it through the milking parlour roof! Luckily, only one cow was killed and although another broke her jaw, she survived. It was a bit of a challenge to rebuild it all in foul weather!
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    Lm166 trailer sides

    I’ve got some. They’re well used but all there.
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    David Brown 1490 won't start

    Swan Vestas...
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    Members stopping posting

    Bought a new box this morning!
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    Pig muck insecure load

    Best to invest in a rollover sheet then.
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    Rolling back silage pit sheets

    I just push the sheet back with the bucket (yes, I feed with a bucket). Have been known to go all the way through a clamp like this and then separate the tyres and waste sheet just before first cut...:X3:
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    sustainable wood for RHI

    No BSL number = no point in buying it.
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    Getting a council farm

    This is true. Tell them whatever they want to hear to get you in. Speak to the current tenant and ask what they did - they haven’t been there that long and are probably moving on to a larger council holding - can’t see why they wouldn’t want to help. The holding you’re looking at is a starter...
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    Wood Chip or Logs for Biomass Boiler?

    Yes. A bit of a steep learning curve but got it sorted in the end.
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    Will there be new Labour leader now

    Hopefully he’ll take Abbott and McDonnell with him - probably all get top jobs in the eu!
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    Exit poll thread

    That would be a dream come true!

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