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    Land-rover discovery td5

    Yes. Only buy an auto tho.
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    DPF regen

    Quite often yes. Some vehicles are more needy than others.
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    Land-rover discovery td5

    A very late disco 3 commercial ?
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    ABP have been 6.35 for lambs this week...
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    NH or JD combine

    Also running a 2256HM. Been very reliable and with surprising output especially in wheat.
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    Heat pumps

    Downing street is infact graded an E rating on its epc.
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    Heat pumps

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    NH or JD combine

    Burdens have this in -
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    New Ford ranger 2022.

    No direct experience but has a good rep locally
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    And they are bloody noisy
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    Guy’s Garage!

    C4. Watch the last two episodes on catch up?
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    Guy’s Garage!

    Merc Sprinter innit.
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    Fuel price tracker

    That's steep :(
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    SP Sprayer windscreen

    Why is your insurance not fully comp covering broken glass???
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    BPS 2021

    HSBC has a Pending Transactions tab.