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    The happy customer thread

    Would they fit an 8400 cab/axle?
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    Piglet heat lamp

    We use them that way, it’s not perfect but is versatile for us and made some use of the old silage pit Pros: Sow has some exercise Keep an even climate in the ark in different weather Pens aren’t fixed to one job Cons: Fairly expensive but should last a while and possibly have some value in...
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    MF 8450?

    Possibly a bit under powered for the weight, my 60 is just enough at times but more go than a 6499.I wouldn’t read much into the pressure test of the vario, I think they will all read good until they stop moving. The 60 will use 10-11 litres/ hr buckraking,20-25 pushing the baler hard, can’t...
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    Massey Ferguson 6715s dyna 6 60pkh?

    Does some serious s*#t happen when it gets to 88mph???
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    New mig welder

    One of these. Ring them up and tell them what you want to weld, they’ll sort you out
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    Self Sufficiency in Food

    I think they only want us when there’s a war on, they need us three times a day they just don’t appreciate it
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    Sparetime Online Games

    Anyone tried Gaim yet? Not really into gaming but this could interest me, could also practice welding with the oculus head set.
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    Case Puma CVX error code?

    That’s what I’ve found but not definitely for a puma??? We could swap the radar from the other one and see if that changes anything
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    Case Puma CVX error code?

    Got a cog symbol and 2006 coming up, my googling hasn’t come up with much. Any ideas?..
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    The Welding/Fabrication Thread

    I wouldn’t say it’s any smother, I’d say that was more to do with the quality of the welders components. It does open the door for bigger stuff and thicker wire to speed things up
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    The Welding/Fabrication Thread

    Did this a while ago. Rebuilding a worn out key way, the shaft was about 4” in diameter so would be mega bucks to get a new one
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    Gamic trailer

    They were popular in Ruthin this morning
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    Argentinean corn in your corn flakes

    Christ, now you tell me. I have had two bowls a day for most of 30 years
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    Weldex led lights as fitted to Case

    you won’t go wrong with the utv’s
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    Mixing sows

    With a change of “system” coming what’s the best way to mix sows? They are currently kept in 4 groups of 10-12 but we are soon going to be keeping them as one big group. Inevitably there will be some fighting to start with, would stresnill work or has anyone here used...