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    Getting into engineering

    29 :X3: so a apprenticeship is out the question. i had a quick look on the internet about engineering last night A lot of places seem more civil engineering rather than Agrictultural or mechanical but will look more into it over the weekend
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    Getting into engineering

    Been thinking lately and as abit of a side line I’d like to get abit more Into engineering. The old school kind where it’s all hands on and not much computer work involved if such a thing exists. Is there such a course or courses that I could do I have a few projects on the go at the minuet...
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    Ram to ewe ratio.

    Evening, currently running 4 rams to 120 ewes split into 2 groups. is that enough? Ewes are mainly texel x and the rams are texel. Or should I run some more rams. Trying to close up our lambing so it’s not so drawn out. Cheers Tom
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    Financial advise.

    From what I can gather and speaking to people stocks aren’t worth touching I might be wrong and I also don’t trust anything like that due to the volatile market where in at the moment and have had in the past decade or so. there’s nothing in having money tucked away in savings the only thing I...
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    Financial advise.

    Anyone know of reputable financial advisers? I’m based in Cornwall and need some advise about something’s. Is it worth seeing face to face or are emails just as good? Cheers
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    baler up grade.

    does it take much power to run compared to fix chamber?. We only have a 390t to run the baler?
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    baler up grade.

    Looking to up grade our baler, currently running a Greenland’s rf120. Just looking for something newer any recommendations? Won’t be used for anything to heavy and not to fussy about a chopper unit on it. Will be used on grass and straw. Got about £4K to spend.
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    Ford 7810 Injector pump question

    With the tw the difference using cold start is quiet noticeable without it it chugs away and takes an age to start, but put on cold start button and within 5 seconds it’s started. but like 7610 super q said a reduced gear starter is the way forward we just put one on our 390 that wouldn’t start...
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    Ford 7810 Injector pump question

    Throttle has to be wide open like the others have said. If not take off the pump and send it away for service and repair.
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    Stolen cows?

    This happened not to far from us. The farm isn’t on main road access either and you’d have to go through a town within a mile. Be keen to load up and shift that many cattle in one hit and nothing be noticed
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    Calf crush

    We haven’t tried paste, but I’d personally rather de bud as them I know it’s done. We also castrate at the same time with a burdizzo so the crush helps minimise movement.
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    Calf crush

    Looking to invest in a calf crush want to try and avoid buying brand new but will if needs be. Just need nice and simple. We currently run this death trap as you can see the bar to restrain the calf’s head is a jaw breaker and bloody dangerous.
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    Sward lifter

    Afternoon, Potentially looking for a 4 leg sward lifter in the near future just looking to see what’s about. cheers
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    Battery grease gun

    Another vote for sealey. Had mine 3/4 years and even survived being ran over surprisingly. I bought it thinking it would only last a year but still works absolutely fine. And it was only about £100
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    What cordless impact guns are people using.

    Cheers for all the reply’s to the one asking have I already got cordless I don’t so what ever I buy I’ll keep to the brand for other things like cordless grinders and that kind of stuff.

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