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    Certas Ad-blue IBC refunds

    But why do you have to pay in the first place we paid £100 on the first one then just 1000 litres at whatever the price happens to be for the stuff thereafter as long as they get the empty one
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    Certas Ad-blue IBC refunds

    Don’t you put them back on the lorry that’s delivered your full one? That’s what we do with ours. We buy from Landowner products I’d say it’s better for them better for us
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    Proforge /TWB or similar mole plough.
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    Anyone bought fert

    Herbal ley in mid tier scheme
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    Silage wheat price

    You won’t get anywhere near what you want for it. harvest it as wheat is such a good price and with all the gs4 type leys going in there’s more forage about than ever.
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    Anyone bought fert

    This is a gs4 ley no bagged N at all and had sheep on it until 1st April
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    Anyone bought fert

    Bought all ours although we have got a fair carry over luckily
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    Groundswell - Car Sharing

    I’ll start then I’m going on Wednesday 22nd from LE16 if anyone wants a lift.
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    Recruting a new farm manager - where on earth to begin?!

    Do you have other younger workers that could be up to the task? Other than that I think you’ll be poaching others head tractor driver/foreman from your neighbors. If I was in the position of needing a manager I think I’d prefer a lesser qualified but known to be hard working and honest local...
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    Shearing 2022

    He’s a good shearer nice tidy job making it look easy
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    Clamp silage through a bale unroller

    A teagle straw chopper type machine will put it out but what scale are you talking? Could you not just tip it in front with loader bucket or shear grab
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    I’d check it is 540 our Krone mower came with a 540 sticker on it but after some investigation it’s actually 1000. It’s trailed so might be different but it’s a hell of a mower
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    Recommend me a knapsack sprayer

    I’ve got one too for pruex. Great company to deal with but I think it would be dangerous even on a still day with roundup in as it’s such a fine mist it’s easily carried by wind
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    Docking chute and iron

    What are the advantages of doing tail docking this way? Seems to me a lot of back breaking work getting sheep in and manually catching every lamb lifting it onto these cutes. We only lamb 200 ewe lambs outside but my brother pops round and puts rings on them twice a day at lambing on his own and...
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    Getting bearing off

    I weld all the way round the bearing I find that the best way to really get it hot quickly they often move then or even crack as they cool down