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    lexion 630

    Would think it would sit at 25 tons an hour in fit wheat but if width allows I recon you’ll get more out of a six Walker tucano cheaper
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    Manitou or JCB

    we were in the same boat as you 7 years ago with a matbro and a terex and decided to got for a rigid manitou after all of our lives driving telerams but though we could change because we couldn’t have a bigger machine with less reach. We wouldn’t go back now dad who’s 78 wasn’t keen as he’d had...
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    Cattle Breeds Emoji Quiz

    19 saler
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    Whats the stabiliser cow of the sheep world?

    No mention of heifers
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    Whats the stabiliser cow of the sheep world?

    Easy at lambing maybe but with lambs to look after worm move electric fence etc all winter I’m not sure they are that easy as they seem to be about so long. Wool shedding is the most important thing. Mules will do everything else quite happily
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    Weaving GD user thread

    Yes i try and keep within 500kgs too either empty to 500kg when soft with no weights on tractor or put weights on and fill it as soon as I can get another bag in when it’s hard
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    Weaving GD user thread

    Bet she knows she’s got that when full up
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    What's a successful Calving

    No what I meant was we culled our barren ones in the autumn then at calving we had 3 cows go away with no calf and 6 reared on the bucket we just had loads of twins
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    What's a successful Calving

    Of cows put to the bull or number of cows at the start of calving? We had a very successful calving last year 3 more than 100%of cows at the start of calving no c sections and around 7% barren. Won’t be doing that this year
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    Farm Engineering

    my suggestions would be a depth wheel and a pivoting top link so that it can move so it’s easier to get in and out of the ground
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    Joint ill lambs

    We are using it too but they told us it was equivalent to ultra pen ie long acting. I’ve been giving a big dose with metacam and if caught early done a great job
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    Will game shooting go ahead this autumn?

    We are going ahead as usual with our 150 birds and a few people turning up in the yard on shoot days for a glorified walk. And the chap that does the game keeping in his spare time has just been laid off work with 75% pay, not much need for engineers to make formula 1 engine parts it seems
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    Continuous spring barley

    @Cows 'n grass google Agrivista Lamport trials that’s essentially what they are doing there with cover crop and spring cereals to control black grass. Could you use a cover crop to graze in autumn/winter also there is a payment for cover crops that your landlord maybe into
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    Red Tractor Stickers... 19th century pisstake

    I think the grain trade want to go electronic but only on their own terms. Someone more in the know than me might be able to help but as I understand the nfu is trying to get them to return some info to farmers at tipping rather than informing us of claims when the stament comes
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    MF Air cab suspension

    No I believe it’s just a warning light that comes on to show the compressor is not working which it’s obviously not because I’ve pulled the fuse out. All I did was take bung out of air tanks put another one in its place with a pipe going to a regulator and other put into the feed where the cab...

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