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    Clarkson on the nail again?

    7 please......should last me a week according to Sheryl Crow.
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    Clarkson on the nail again?

    I think you, like others, are missing the point. Well done for making a flyer about farming....on a forum for....farming. And well done for investing a lot of time on a farming forum waxing lyrical about farmers. Clarkson's column is highlighting the problems the industry is...
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    Residential Neighbour spraying weed killer into field

    A dose of Stubble Turnips in the other direction would work well.
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    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse in government for farmers ……. Neil Parrish

    Onlyfans / Onlyfarms only two letters in it, I would plead Dyslexia...then again I can.
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    Elon Musk buys Twitter for $44bn

    So if a guy or girl that founds a business with hard graft employs a multitude of people across the globe, pays taxes, and spends money in relative economies, becomes a billionaire should then be taxed out of existence? Why, because you are not?
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    Machinery Student Cock Up!

    take it back to the dealer....warranty. ;) Accidents and Mistakes happen not sure I felt the world stop spinning. Get him involved in the fix....move on.
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    Looming food crisis,what can uk ag industry do?

    I wonder how many, "intolerances" "Weeds and Seeds eaters" "Bio Hippys" vanish when the price of their stuff goes through the roof and they have to get their protein from Meat and non-organitic farming.
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    I was tested and I was in the top 9% IQ ( not sure how that worked out....) but dyslexic so school was not the best place in the world for me. Interestingly there is quite a bit about it on Linkedin ( not really a fan of the site ) but HSBC had a workshop. Most important thing is that it...
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    Towing stuff about in tandem

    This for my ten pence worth is where the NFU etc should be on the Government to tidy up stupid rules just like this.
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    Extinction Rebellion in France

    And they didn't wear yellow vests. What a bunch of morons
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    New era?

    Genuine Question might have been covered elsewhere. Beet, with the rise in inputs and the cost of transport not covered by British sugar, has anyone broken their contract and panted spring wheat or alike for a better return?
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    Any Collection points in Essex/Suffolk?

    Has anyone got any points in Essex Suffolk for a drop off point? Sterling effort from all involved.
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    Which manufacturers will be stop supply to Russia?

    Following on from Apple, Ford, JLR, Boeing....... Which Ag companies will be stopping supply?
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    Fencing around a pub

    Like your thinking, I would put one of them through the combine, 100% problem solved.
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    Combine choice for 950ha

    Could you not invest in a Chaser with a belt ( sorry don't know the right term ) that extends thus negating the need to extend the auger. might even smooth your operation out, full trailers, combine constantly moving.... just a tought.