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    Indefinate rental required on 1 - 2 acres in Somerset

    Yoco Trees is a not-for-profit business. If you know anything at all about finance you would not have bothered posting that. Or if you knew anything at all about me. The point is - if you ARE interested - then reach out - if not don't waste your time - best wishes to you. Keep growing and...
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    Indefinate rental required on 1 - 2 acres in Somerset

    Can I respectfully ask, if you are not interested in engaging in this positively - then don't waste your time at all. We are committed to this pathway.
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    Indefinate rental required on 1 - 2 acres in Somerset

    I worked with hundreds of landowners of the years - mostly in developing solar farms - so I understand where you are coming from. The reality is that this is not achievable. It needs to be for marginal land or for landowners and farmers that are looking to create eco-friendly buffer zones etc...
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    Indefinate rental required on 1 - 2 acres in Somerset

    Hi All, Yoco Trees CiC - is committed to planting trees all over the world. But we want to get started in our own area - Somerset. We are offering indefinite rental income for land that is put into woodland. To start with we are looking for 1 - 2 acres for this years planting cycle. If you have...
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    vehicle purchase, is my thinking old fashioned and out of date.

    Hi Guys, I'm a Commercial Manager and I can categorically assure you that vehicle manufacturers and financiers are NOT your friends. I have a tonnes of data going back 20 years. Never buy brand new vehicles. Let some wealthy idiot take that hit for you. Buy 'cash' and low mileage. Auctions...
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    Land for Rent - Taunton

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a couple of acres to rent in Taunton for a tree nursery. I don't need a water supply, We will be using rainwater collection, solar water extraction units and growing the trees in pots with an irrigation system and some tanks. This is an experimental project that we...
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    Possible biomethane site but not enough feedstock ,south of Glasgow

    Feed-stock is always the issue for biomass facilities. It's a competitive market and the business case always depends heavily on the feed-stock supply contracts. The contracts rarely last longer than 3 years whereas the ROI can be more than 10 years. Your best bet for income would be a peeking...
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    burning poultry manure

    You may find another problem with burning poultry waste. Very often this type of waste will burn the bottom out of the boiler. You would need to put it in a mix of other waste. I worked with Uniconfort year ago and they ended up putting hardened bottoms in the boilers to account for the use of...
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    Cleaning solar panels

    Guys - 10 years in solar energy and get a window cleaner to do it using a waterfed pole with purified water. Purified water will give the best clean and will not leave deposits. you should have them cleaned every 6 months. sometimes more, for example - on Chicken sheds where there is a lot of dust.