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    Star Wars project

    is that a fertiliser sack as the sling? top marks if it is (y):ROFLMAO:
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    Star Wars project

    the only thing i was thinking watching that last night was will it even fit out of the door still? :ROFLMAO:
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    JD Beacon brain scratcher !

    i had a similar issue, just wasn't pushed down hard enough on the pole, Felt like it was going to break, popped into the dealers on the way past and they assured me it was fine, loosened clamp, shoved down real hard and it worked a dream, damn mechanical sympathy :rolleyes:
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    More greenstar stolen!

    on the note of Greenstar domes, does anybody know if a layer of paint on the dome would affect the signal strength? i have been contempating having mine resprayed a different colour so they are unique, i believe they are solid dyed plastic so no paint on them currently.
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    Horsch co 4 updates

    Did you modify the existing fan with a motor or did you find a new fan? Looks a cracking bit of kit though!!
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    Valtra n143 versu loader tractor

    Yeah had from new and a bit of loader work with regards to conventional bales so not very over worked and then most of the hours on it were spent topping round grassland would make a cracking tractor for anyone tbh, almost a luxury item for him when he had it, generally say in the yard for up to...
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    Valtra n143 versu loader tractor

    Wasn’t mine but was a very good friends and was kept at our farm for the last year he had it, good little machine, very nimble and did very little, I think I ended up driving it more than he did! I must admit I’m more of a Deere man but as far as things go it was a very handy little machine...
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    6920 Not Starting

    Chase the lift pump wire back, I believe it chafes through under the cab, failing that run a new one from fuse to pump
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    Whats your machinery line up.

    Plenty manual tools on the farm but they are hardly worthy of a picture [emoji23] other than drilling and combining everything else is down to me, sweeping/mucking out/ clearing drains/fencing/chainsaw work/ operating the grain dryer/maintenance etc, I don’t employ anyone else so have to make...
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    Whats your machinery line up.

    A fairly brief look in the shed, definitely more to add 6170R direct drive with loader 6150R auto quad Kramer kt407 JD m740i Kuhn axis 40.1 hemc Kverneland lb85 on no28, all but retired now And until last week this was my drilling kit for covers, osr [emoji29] Rest of the...
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    Twose rollers

    no but i need to do the ones on mine too!! need to get a bounce on to get it to fold up over the hump :oops:
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    Detachable towbars.

    I have one like that on my Hilux over here, never seen a trailer socket like that though, is it a 13 pin jobby for auxiliary electronics?
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    Where Can I Buy Flint Seed?

    It all depends on the size of the flint too, for building use you only want flints that are about fist size and as little napped as possible, most of what comes up will be either smashed to pieces or waaay too big, this makes it nearly impossible to sell the stuff unless its sorted into size and...
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    Drone Registration

    I did mine end of last year and i'm sure it was only £9, dead easy to do, pinched a dymo label maker off mother to make my stickers look a bit better than my alternative sharpie! didnt overly fancy scribbling on such an expensive bit of kit!
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    Don’t tell me I now need a new computer

    the free windows 10 job no longer works :cry: just had to do both office computers, if your machine isnt a very well specced or new machine it will struggle to run it, we had to upgrade both to solid state drives to help with the speed!