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    LED's on a telehandler

    Can you send me the link for the merlo 32.6 work light replacment, thanks
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    Do you think she'll keep the bale turning

    115 on the fusion here plenty big enough on the whole, could do with a few more horses though
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    2019 Silage Season

    Busy weekend on the ts115, 907 bales done, 39 fields and 9 farms, average field size of less than 4 acres [emoji107]
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    All things Dairy

    Headss down
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Earning their keep again this weekend
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    What mixer wagon tractor

    This one with richard baggott
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    2019 Silage Season

    Slow going last night,
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    British friesian bulls

    29 so far, close on 50/50 split
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    British friesian bulls

    Yess hes holding on well, through the parlour twice a day for the last 14 months helps, yes good strong calves.
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    British friesian bulls

    55th calf out of goonhilly josh since the end of feb
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    New bale trailer maybe a Warwick?

    bought this last year, 12ton rate 8 stud mini super singles 23 foot long £6900 mini super singles added £900 though.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    the 100-90 and 390 earning their keep
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    All things Dairy

    nice morning in the west
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    Which mower conditioner?

    krone 280 here, very pleased, excellent conditioner and cut, arm were the kick back is mounted snapped but been sorted with a mod from krone,
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    2019 Silage Season

    first outing of the season for the fusion

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