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    How long for grain to dry in the field?

    Just pee'd down here so won’t be cutting today
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    We do not hear from Breibart, Telegraph, Daily Mail

    They only put 1 person up to be voted on,next you will be telling us the only way to solve the brexit problem is to have another vote with only remain on the ballot!
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    Harvest 2019

    Just got a hand rubbed sample,22% so I don’t think we will be going today especially if the forecast for next week is true
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    Harvest 2019

    Got moved this morning and it pee'd down 3 times now since 12,so much for the driest day of the week and now pissing down again
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    Harvest 2019

    Picked up some flat sebrash or how ever you spell it,a pain in the arse but got it all and yielded very well
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    Harvest 2019

    I must be one of the very few that not cutting wheat yet?,been round testing tonight spring barley is in the low 18% and wheat about 17 so I will make a start tomorrow providing we don’t get some more rain
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    Harvest 2019

    Finished the rape and the winter barley today and everything back under cover so quite a productive week considering the weather forecast and not a lot to dry (6 t of rape),the rest has been cut below 8 and the barley below 14 so I am a happy bunny tonight and going to have a beer
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    Mass lodging of Clearfield rape

    Mainly pioneer ones but there was a dekalb variety in there and god it was tall but it was still standing,when I get the results back I will be able to tell you what varieties they were
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    Mass lodging of Clearfield rape

    All my clear field varieties including 5trails were all stud up and were a joy to cut
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    Chris Davis MP.

    What tools have they got to stop no deal?all I can see is plenty of tools that want to stop brexit
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    Your current weather.

    Thick fog here,not an early start today so we might not get the rape finished today especially after not being able to cut till after 5 yesterday after rain at lunch time
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    Your current weather.

    It would be nice if it stayed out till the end of August!38mm of rain since Tuesday teatime is definitely enough for me but hopefully we will get cutting tomorrow and finish the rape of on Saturday and then I hope the last of the winter barley will be dry,only about 12 acres left of that after...
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    unavailable for comment

    Nobody’s saying we defeated them on our own but as always someone has to make the first stand,brexit is just the same once we leave and prosper others will follow. If we had followed your thinking we would not of gone to war to defend our freedoms against the nazis, we should of joined him and...
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    Metaldehyde staying

    Neonics will do to start with
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    Today at work

    Made a start today but had to pack up at 4 pm as the moisture had dropped to 4.5%,not yielding to bad but sadly not in the same league as those in the yellow peral

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