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    How to open a guillotine door mechanically?

    You need one these at a minimum...
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    1989 Massey 3080 at auction. 120 hours!!

    Latest bid 175,000 Norwegian Krone equals 17,619.18 Euro
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    Cover Crop Outwintering Heifers

    We did this once...very hard to plough afterwords. We grow Kale/Rape/Redstart sown after winter barley and added leafy turnip and stubble turnip to the mix this year. Great feeding for weanlings, lighter animals leave less of a mark on the land. We did get a bit caught out last year with the in...
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    Reseeding grass for suckler cows, why bother ?
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    Self Built Central Tyre Inflation System

    thats a pneumatic line....the small line one opens the valve when pressurised (where the valve stem would have been) and the large on controls the tyre pressure. A system like this could be rigged up very easily once you could source the swivel connector on the hub. Use a simple mechanical PICV...
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    The B-team....
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    Digester stainless steel corrosion

    Special pipework...the liquid will only come in contact with the PTFE ....used in industry as a cheaper alternative to Hastelloy or other specialty metals. If its eating 304 it may well eat 316...
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    Digester stainless steel corrosion

    Nasty one, looks like some serious compatibility issues there...would it be possible to install PTFE lined pipe/flanges?
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    Creep Feed - Suckler Calves

    All during the summer what we find works well is to put in one or two higher than normal temporary posts to let the calves in under the wire. We have 3 or 4 day paddocks so the cows are strip grazed 1/3 or 1/4 of the paddock per day. Start of September then the calves then get a bit of meal...

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