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    The war in Ukraine...

    If the Ruskis are still there come harvest i can't see that any grain will be coming out of the fighting areas as they will most likely use fire as a weapon as soon as it is ready to harvest . Hopefully they will be pushed out of there by then .
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    Getting dry

    7 mm here in east Dorset
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    The war in Ukraine...

    End of the week wouldn't be soon enough .
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    Getting pet lamb to sook bottle

    Sometimes helps to put your thumb by the side of its mouth when feeding a bottle . Don't know why whether it helps make them feel like they are on a under with the skin contact .
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    Swallows 2022

    Only seen one so far here on Friday and that must of been passing by , have made sure there are some big wet spots in the yard for them to get mud etc as its so dry here at the minute .
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    Will Putin invade ?

    Poland just announced they are handing over migs
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    Sprayer operator health check

    Same here i do the same
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    Russian/ukraine war predictions

    121 is just below it closer to the border
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    Russian/ukraine war predictions

    Flight trader getting busy over poland larg121 and 141 and a british plane rrr7240 now heading back but been going up and down the polish border since mid afternoon
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    Will Putin invade ?

    Bet he is glad he did't buy a john deere as that would be boiling like a kettle .
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    Guess the part

    Just what i need , as i have just had to bolt canopy down until i find a set . :D
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    Happy New Year 2022

    Happy new year everyone
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    Tubeline bale wrapers

    Does anyone know of any about on the sh market and does anyone have or still use one as to hear pros and cons.
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    Crop damage caused by trespass

    Do your best to get the info to them it all helps them to get the cases through the court system and helps add to the list of offences the crimes have done . Also you might get some comp out of it .
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    Chrismas Food Thats Declined Over The Years?

    Match makers and those liquer filled chocolate bottles . Haven't been into shops for 6 months plus as don't like shopping , The mrs does it more than well enough .