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    Avadex applicator

    Done over 2000 acres with one on a cart behind a polaris ranger so far this season still got 200 ha to do . Dam good machines and very little to go wrong .
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    Claas dominator 108 and beans

    What about incressing forward speed so they are getting pushed in faster my be also increases reel speed and hight to see if that helps flow .
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Don't let it out you have a tank full of diesel or the traveling scum will help you use it .
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    They used to make class overalls but in said class wanted a german maker to make them to keep it all german . I bought some of what they said were as near as dammit the same as class but no way the same , they are thicker so now going back to class ones even though they are german .
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    Milk Price Tracker

    I know the feeling i had a car with bad brakes once .
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    £200/t wheat ...

    If fert already bought early no real need to cut back if you are still waiting to buy it looks like you have big problems the fert that is being made today with todays gas prices is only going to land in this country in December onwards . Cant see it dropping by much until gas drops back...
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    Ideal combine

    That is why the quad tracks were developed as old antics needed duals or quads to make use of the power so went for tracks to get bigger ground contact so they could get the power down and keep them narrow to move on the roads as well as uping the horse power.
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    Main dealers fitters

    Try to look after fitters if they come here usually get a bacon butty or the likes and help them if needed its all about team work . Look after them and they look after you is our moto . The fitters are the front of most dealerships not the salesmen good fitters are worth a lot more than a...
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    Flexi coil

    Could try Brocks or the likes they have usually got a heap of old flexi coils and packers round the back .
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    Can anyonelse see a big crash coming

    That club has been going one way for ages better of out of it .
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    I get the training helicopters come down here nearly at 2 hour intervals when doing training usually in pairs start off in daylight in trainers then night time they then move up to apaches doing the same usually make the telly go haywire when they are about .
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    Can anyonelse see a big crash coming

    With everything going up in price and shortages i can see there is going to be a big crash on the horizon , the economies of a lot of countries are nearly broke and at the end of the day prices of stuff can only go so high then people stop buying as money gets tight .
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    Go up to Enford to the biggest army tennant to do avadex always look forward to seeing the army stuff moving about as well as most years seeing the great bustards . Have to map my route from the farm with the gps to some fields as it can take 20 minutes to get to them across the army tracks...
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    Retrofitting Autosteer.

    Get a sh easy steer kit and a sh 750 screen you might even get a 250 or sh 500 screen cheaper , got all the kit sh for a trimble 500 for £1200 Quid and fitted and set it up myself happy as i get straight runs now .
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    Drilling and not putting in tramlines but adding autosteer to the sprayer?

    I just use a trimble 500 with easy steer set at 23.885 m and works a treat on liquid fert so if it was out you soon see . never spray the tramlines just save the fields and after a couple of passes the tramlines are easy to see . no problem with greens .