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    JD 1365 swivel gearbox

    Very expensive gearboxes now over 3k
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    Gator or Mule

    A homologated JD Gator 865 is 50k
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    Tractor written off for cosmetic damage to roof!

    Not really my point. If the tractor is only insured for say 5k then the repairs will exceed the value @60/70% hence the tractor will be written off. Lots of under insured farm machinery just now. Mainly due to the huge price increase we have seen on new kit. Some could have seen almost no...
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    Tractor written off for cosmetic damage to roof!

    How much is the tractor insured for. Usually the insurance companies will pay for repairs up to 60/70% of value.
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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    I wonder if HRN will follow suit ?
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    How much should a dealer deduct for fault with machine??

    At the end of the day someone will have to pay to fix it. Fair chance if you trade something with a fault the value will be much much lower than if it were in working order. Simply because it’s difficult to give an accurate cost of repair without stripping the machine down. Dealers will always...
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    Advice needed on troublesome tractor

    Have all of the repairs been carried out by the supplying dealer. If so surely they would be keen to put and end to this fiasco,if only for their own reputation never mind the product. How many years warranty did you get with the tractor. Sadly at 3 years old with 4k hours and a major engine...
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    The effects of the virus on machinery dealers.

    It would be nice if we could get a pay rise as we are keeping britain supplied with food. Hopefully not to many imports at this time but who would know. From what I’ve seen in the supermarket milk should definitely not be dumped. Definitely need to support our dealers. If parts become scarce...
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    JD 6534 fault code

    Looks like an injector fault.
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    Design fails

    Nope all 3 are working but no time for pratting about. There was nothing wrong with the filler up by top of arm on the older models. Tinkering because they can with little thought to practicalities I bet they are like new, never been used?
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    Filling drill with a bucket

    @getting on was using a bag.
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    Filling drill with a bucket

    Raimo Big Bag Dispenser - Fertiliser Seed Feed Salt Gravel Grain Etc on ebay
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    What make and model is this seat?

    Could be made by sears seating.
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    What make and model is this seat?

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    Bobcat TL30.60 agri

    Dacia springs to mind ?

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