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    Paying vat on trade in

    Might be worth trying to sell your trade in privately. Lots of people not VAT registered looking to buy a tractor. Hopefully you will get a bit more for it, helping ease the pain of the VAT on the new one
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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    Have Sharman’s got another franchise yet?
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    Silage trailer height

    Just tell the planners you need the extra height to store vegans :LOL:
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    Jcb 527 55 overheating

    Stuck thermostat or waterpump I’d guess. Does that cab heater run hot when the engine is overheating?
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    Silage trailer height

    Walking floor trailers it is then
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    John Deere 30 series

    From memory they are pretty small. I’d try nick young.
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    John Deere 30 series

    More chance of getting them from a breaker I’d guess
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    Dualing a single axle muck spreader

    Plenty of work over here for that rig just now
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    JD 6155r V Fendt 718

    That’ll put the cost per hour up.
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    JD 6155r V Fendt 718

    Does the dealer have to do every service
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    John Deere reducing dealerships

    The way the SFP is going it might be less.
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    Hydraulic pump

    Tidy job on the Jimny (y)
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    Kubota demo

    I suppose 10 customers putting on 30 hours makes it ex hire rather than ex demo :whistle:
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    Best 85 series tyre

    Kleber are owned by Michelin. Bridgestone maybe worth a look if you don’t like Michelin.
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    Advice on sourcing No till drill for 100hp tractor

    Would a guttler do this job. They do a 3m version

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