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    AIC - No need for alternative to Red Tractor. Farmers Weekly article

    @Grass And Grain We need a list of the Companies and Organisations within AIC. Obviously there are companies outside of AIC - let's buy off those instead of AIC. Rather than those companies being 5% or 10% of the Market, let's have them boosted into the 90% ...
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    Janet Hughes DEFRA Missing in action?

    Ah, but that would make farmers doing something right and let's face it, have you ever heard a Civil Servant admit they are wrong ? DEFRA is a joke.
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    Ukrainian food article on BBC app.

    Putin knows the West is "Duty Bound" to help Africa. Don't be surprised if Putin just lets natural events happen - Globalism is a Western problem created by Western politicians.
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    Moonboot on R2 no more livestock or farming!

    Monbiot has the potential to be a far bigger killer than any despot in history. He has no idea what he is doing - the chap can't even look after his own health never mind Billions of people.
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    Moonboot on R2 no more livestock or farming!

    The Moron has had Cancer. I would have thought it would drum some sense into the idiot. The net result from factory food will be lots of Cancer, lots of dietry problems, lots of long term issues such as Rickits, Dementia etc. Diseases that take decades to take hold but if the recipe is there...
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    AHDB planting and variety survey

    So you are saying that giving this information going out to god knows who internationally is somehow going to be kept secret ? I bet the results are broadcast around all the traders within minutes. Satellite data does not show variety and I doubt satellite data would know the difference...
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    AHDB planting and variety survey

    Quite. ADHB helping Traders, Millers and Government - all of which are kicking us in the teeth. You have got to be kidding.
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    Interesting article about wheat prices.

    Food prices are low compared to when I grew up. The difference today is the vast amount of money required to buy or rent a home. Food is going to rise because fertiliser is far too expensive and most countries are reducing production because of "Green Policy" - Sri Lanka went 100% Organic and...
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    How low would BPS have to go before you stopped claiming it?

    As I understand it you cannot avoid the rules - therefore you cannot reduce cost and admin. HMG doing a fine job of increasing the Risk for every tax payer in the UK, yet they are paid to do the complete opposite. HMG is not fit for purpose.
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    Cabless electric tractor

    Forklift combustion engine is about 60hp for a 4 tonne forklift. I would guess you are talking about 1 or 2.5 tonne so probably half - 30hp. Going at about 8mph. Trucks are about 400hp+ 29 tonne load and I guess the rig & trailer must be circa 12 tonnes - add an 8 tonne battery to that. About...
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    The conflict of growing crops for biomass or food.

    During Winter rainfall they can't do that process due to the sheer volume. I guess it must happen at times during Spring/Summer as well.
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    The conflict of growing crops for biomass or food.

    May as well tell us - curious now.
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    The conflict of growing crops for biomass or food.

    Spot on. That's really what we should be looking for and is true recycling. However, the real problem IMHO is the fact that rainwater falling on people's houses immediately gets mixed with foul water in the sewerage system. Something I doubt the government has the stomach for to fix - because...
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    The conflict of growing crops for biomass or food.

    During heavy rain the sluice gates are opened and everything get's put into river/sea. As far as I understand this is most of the Autumn/Winter/Spring rain period. Obviously depends on the weather. Nitrogen in human waste is lost anyway.
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    The conflict of growing crops for biomass or food.

    All the nutrients that are taken from the land via crops grown for human use end up in the sewerage system. Most of which ends up in the sea.