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    Is the eu starting to panic over uk leaving

    A lot of these people have an axe to grind. It goes over their heads that none of the extra costs for importing matter .. because whatever increase in costs there are will ultimately mean more jobs in the UK .. IF they don't replace EU imports with imports from elsewhere. The EU are bitter...
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    Black lives matter...?

    Maybe .. to tell you'd have to know what the bildenberg set are up to or some such because this worldwide control has to come from very powerful people. I don't blame individuals. But I do blame those in power regardless of their colour. Always remember "divide and conquer" .. whilst you are...
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    This guy!?

    That's a personal point of view. If you are farming for food and not farming efficiently then by definition you have to use more land than necessary to produce the food you need. That excess land use could have been used soley for wildlife. But that doesn't fit the agenda does it ?
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    Your chance to help design ELMS

    Quite .. the more bus bodies in HMG, the more managers are required, the more directors and the more "Taxes" are spent on the administration rather than the workers. It's a self forefilling prophecy .. why the hell have we got these parasites in the first place ?
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    Your chance to help design ELMS

    It's a hiding to nothing. Being assessed and made to jump by a group of people who's income and wages are not based on risk, the weather, pests and customers.
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    Your chance to help design ELMS

    Quite. Like all Uk industries our shite government spends most of it's time undermining the workers and promoting imports. Case in point Oilseed Rape imports from the Ukraine grown using Neonicitinoids which are banned in the UK. Time HMG was nipped in the bud .. they are of no use to me...
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    Are we going to be taxed, to provide cheap workers for big business.

    There will be those creating fake jobs for fake businesses to create a fake economy. When I worked in Singapore .. I became aware the people allowed anything to be bought and sold - the culture seemed to have no moral foundation .. corruption rules ok. They used to retype invoices using type...
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    Going to the pub or restaurant

    Nobody who works can afford to IMHO. Are you going to risk a weekly wage on a pint or a meal .. the risk is too great with hundreds of people who might have Covid causing you to hibernate for 2 weeks. Not worth the risk.
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    Boris a joke

    He's saying wages in care homes are low because people don't want to waste their "inheritance" on care home fees. As I understand it a local authority does not have the interests of personal or family assets .. knowing some of those who run such organisations they would think nothing of taking...
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    Trouble is it's not "Chinese Crap" .. at least 50% of the products sold via China are from Western companies .. I think it might be a lot higher. China has taken that technology and made it their own using state funding to make it so. Something the UK could have done since WW2 but cannot be...
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    For that to happen all the Billionares invested in China will need to change their minds. I don't see that happening for 10+ years even if they wanted to. Regardless the damage caused by the "investment" and transfer of technology has cemented China as a very significant force perhaps...
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    Putin is the result of those in the West that sought to destroy Russia in the Gorbachev era. Russians saw the bread queues and Oligarchs and chose Putin to fix the mess. And they've chosen right.
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    Aren't you interested in how and WHY China has so much power today ? Billionaires - a lot from the USA - have made China into the power it is today. Not only with their money but also technical know how. It isn't a "Mistake" that money, power & technology is in China and not elsewhere in the...
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    BBC rubbish

    Russia was brought to it's knees in the Glasnost Gorbachev era. The Russian people were given "Shares" of previously state industries - at the behst of Harvard Professors, a "Western Economy", massive inflation and no state income to speak of .. which led to bread queues .. Which led to those...
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    Covid-19 testing.

    I know a family that has been tested - mother and father. The mother has leukemia (I think) and is in long term care going to hospital regularly. One of them had the anti body test which took 15 mins for a result the other had to send off a Covid-19 blood sample.

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