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    Blue X heifer's

    Those two look a treat. Really nice breeding females
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    Butterflies in 2018

    Plenty of the flippin things around hear.
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    Standing Grass

    You can't sell grass for that. we worked it out as costing £31 per acre for fertilizer.
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    Standing Grass

    Carmarthen. One was reseeded 5 years ago, one 8 years ago. Been grazed up to this year. The fields are in 3 sections. Road access.
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    Standing Grass

    Anyone any idea on price for standing grass? Had fertilizer. Got someone interested but no idea on price.
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    Never ending....

    That really made me laugh out loud
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    Cattle keep

    It happened to us many years ago. Got in calf while sucking dam. Purchaser charged £1 a day, we collected and they paid half pre movement test. They were very fair. She calved a nice bull calf, although he was always a little "short". His sire was also sire to his dam, so that could have had a...
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    Swallows 2018

    I haven't seen any since the first 2 yesterday. If they were the scouts I shouldn't think we will see any more! Blowing a gale and rain last night, not a deal better today. :(
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    Swallows 2018

    Just arrived. Think they may turn round and head back though. Miserable, windy and wet :(
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    It's coming to us today:(
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    Rewilding at Knepp Castle- Daily Mail article

    I don't object to what they are doing. Each to their own. What I do object to is her quietly knocking more traditional farmers. Referring to cows calling endlessly for their calves, which are being fed on "powdered" milk. Yes, so the general public can have ultra cheap milk!
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    Absolutely glorious here now. If it wasn't for the breeze it would almost be too warm;)
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    Surely we can't be that far from each other? It was lovely here. Cool in the breeze but sunny. Amazing what a difference a few miles can make!
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    House Cow.

    At the risk of going off subject, I think a lot of Fathers did things the hard way, mostly, I think in retrospect, because they had someone else to do it for them! Me :(
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    It has been absolutely wonderful. Everything is so much better when the sun shines. :)